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How to Get More Coupon Inserts

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You can get more coupon inserts once you understand how easy it is to find them. You can use paper and digital coupons to save money.

Get Free or Cheap Inserts

The first place to start is to sign up for free or cheap inserts. There are several ways you can have inserts delivered to your email every week. You'll quickly discover which ones are of value and can always unsubscribe.

Yes! Your Essential Shopper

Yes! Your Essential Shopper is a Sunday paper insert that isn't available for all areas. The sign-up form requires a lot of information; however, the form will go through if you only include your name and email address. You'll receive a confirmation request email and need to verify your email.

Dollar Tree $1 Newspapers

Some Dollar Tree stores sell newspapers for $1 plus tax. You can purchase this great discounted paper for the Sunday inserts. You may want to ask the manger to hold the newspaper for you each week.

Discounted Newspapers

Some stores will allow you to purchase old newspapers at a discount price. For example, you could purchase the Sunday paper on Monday so you can harvest the coupon insert. Do the math to make sure it is cost effective.

Don't Forget Wednesday Sale Paper Inserts

Most towns have a Wednesday sale paper USPS delivery. Some of these are throwaways, but you can often find some great grocery coupons in these inserts. Check them out before tossing them in the trash.

Paid Coupon Insert Subscriptions

Another way to get coupon inserts is through a paid coupon service. You'll need to create an online account. You may decide this type of service saves you time and money.

Sunday Coupon Inserts

One popular coupon insert program is Sunday Coupon Inserts. This is a weekly coupon subscription service. You can select the combo pack offered by the website with the ability to pause, cancel or change your subscription at any time. You usually receive an email on Saturdays of the Sunday inserts.

The Coupon Clippers

The Coupon Clippers offers entire coupon inserts in addition to individual coupons. Each insert listing has a total value of the coupons in the insert, expiration date and your cost. A minimum $3 order is required, and additional priority shipping fees are applied to whole insert orders. This service can be very beneficial for extreme couponing.

Tips for Signing Up for Coupons

Don't use your main email address. Create an email just for your couponing to keep it separate from your everyday emails. Use digital folders to sort your coupon inserts. You can arrange these by dates, so you know immediately expiration dates. If printing coupons, be selective and save paper by printing only the ones you need.

Free Local Publications

Many cities/towns have various weekly publications available in newspaper racks placed at grocery stores, convenience stores, real estate offices, and other businesses. These publications are for a specific industry or happening, such as local real estate listings, the local arts scene, live music performances, etc. The publications are paid for through the selling of advertisements that typically offer a coupon for such things as, a free oil change, dinner/restaurant discount, BOGO, etc.

Recycling Centers

A great find could be at a local recycling center. Inquire if the center has Sunday paper inserts. It's very likely they do, but they probably don't sort these. You could ask to personally sort through the papers to find the inserts. Many recycling centers allow this type of culling through the collected papers. You never know until you ask. The worst is they say no. Check to see what recycling centers are in your area.

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Ask Others to Save Inserts for You

Not everyone uses coupon inserts and those that do may have coupons for products they don't need or won't use. Ask family, friends and coworkers to safe any coupon inserts. Ask neighbors to leave their unwanted inserts for you.

  • Check with local organizations that conduct paper recycling projects and inquire about coupon inserts being available. You may luck up on a group willing to let you have the inserts.
  • Your local library may be a good resource for coupon inserts. Just ask them to keep them for you and be sure you swing by to pick up the inserts when you say you will.
  • Hotels that provide newspapers to their guests often have leftover newspapers when all the rooms aren't rented. Inquire about giving you the leftover newspaper.

Instore Coupon Inserts

Many of the grocery stores, pharmacies and big box stores have coupon inserts featured in the store, usually by the entrance. You can get a sneak peek of upcoming coupon inserts at LadySavings.

Last Resort - Dumpster Diving

It is an extreme last resort, but if you aren't getting the amount of inserts you want, dumpster diving may be an option. You need to select a store you know has insert coupons to save yourself from wasting time. Also, check your local laws about dumpster diving and never trespass! Make sure you wear protective clothing and are careful if this is allowed.

Learning How to Get More Coupon Inserts

With a little creative thinking you can find more coupon inserts. When you begin to collect coupon inserts, you can take advantage of the savings they offer.

How to Get More Coupon Inserts