SquareTrade Coupon Codes


SquareTrade coupon codes can help you save a bundle on warranties for big ticket electronics and appliances.

About SquareTrade

SquareTrade got its start in 1999. Over time it has become the largest independent warranty provider in the world. The company consistently receives rave reviews from customers and leaders in the industry for its reasonable prices and consumer-centric service. In addition to offering prices that are between 40 and 70 percent less than its competitors, SquareTrade also helps its customers save money by featuring online coupon codes.

SquareTrade coupon codes are good on warranties for electronics and appliances, regardless of whether you buy them on eBay, Best Buy, Radio Shack or any other store. Sample coupon codes include:

  • TWTYOFF: This code allows you to take an additional 20% percent off your next warranty for a non-eBay item.
  • TENFTEN: This code provides 10% off your order and does not have an expiration date.

How to Use SquareTrade Coupon Codes

You don't have to be a techno-whiz to use SquareTrade coupon codes. Rather, all you need to do is copy and paste the code in a small box on the company's website prior to completing your order. The box is located on the check-out page and reads: "Enter coupon code." For PC users simply hit "Ctrl C" to copy and "Ctrl V" to paste. Meanwhile, Mac users can use the "Command C" key to copy and "Command V" key to paste the coupon code into the box. Once you have entered the appropriate code, click "apply" to verify that the coupon works and the correct amount has been deducted from your total.

Where to Find SquareTrade Online Coupon Codes

Square Trade bests its competitors, including AppleCare, Best Buy's Geek Squad Protection, Mobile Protect, and several others. What's more, its popularity continues to grow. If you are interested in sampling the company's service or you are looking to purchase a warranty at deeply discounted prices, then consider vising the following sites which offer SquareTrade online coupon codes:

You can also find the latest coupon codes for SquareTrade on its website and Facebook page.

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SquareTrade Coupon Codes