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Pacemaker Editor

Whether you're mixing your own tracks or creating a remix of an existing song, music mixer software can be pricey. For simple mixing tasks there are plenty of no-cost tools available online that you can use right from the website, as well as free mixers you can download to your computer.

Find Free Music Mixers

Looking for a mixer to help boost your remix music artist career? Just want to have fun playing around with a few tracks? Get your home studio started with one of these free mixer applications. Find the best one to suit your needs by downloading several and trying them out with a variety of styles. Eventually you'll discover the one that does exactly what you need and is intuitive for you to use.

  • Pacemaker Editor: One of the stronger freeware downloads out there, Pacemaker Editor involves a lot of the dynamics used by professionals, but is free to download and use.
  • DJ Rick Music Mixer: While this music mixer is geared towards children, it does a good job of conveying how much fun you should be having while mixing. It's handy for beginners, kids, and anyone who just wants to play around with mixing. No download is required to use this application.
  • Virtual DJ Home: Virtual DJ Home is a free version of a professional mixing program. It's a good option for those who are getting started, but who may want to step up to a professional application later with a simple upgrade.
  • Jam Studio: Jam Studio is a free music mixer application that lets you record and mix your own songs quickly and easily at no cost and without downloading. Simply use the online interface to create your mixes.
  • Looplabs: Looplabs has been around since 2000 and its free mixer has long been a popular choice among music enthusiasts and those who enjoy mixing tunes for fun. Their software offers a wide vareity of features including social networking integration and the ability to make ring tones from your mixes.
  • Audio DJ Mixer: This no cost program allows you to mix your own music or come up with remixes of MP3s you have in your collection.

Additional Resources

If you'd like to find additional mixing and recording tools, visit the following resources:

  • My Music Tools: This website is a database of all kinds of recording tools, including music mixers. They have already road tested many of the programs and give you feedback about which ones to try and which ones to pass on by.
  • Audio 4 Fun: Audio 4 Fun is another database of music software programs, with links to reviews of each product

Limitations of Free Mixers

With a free online music mixer or download, you can easily take a few elements and put them together into something great and have fun doing it - but the result isn't likely to be professional quality sound. If your goal is professional-level quality, you may need to step up to a paid mixing program such as Virtual DJ Pro or Ultra Mixer.

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Top Free Online Music Mixers