Best Sites for Free Christian Music Downloads

Christian Music

Christian music encompasses a wide spectrum of sub-genres, ranging from traditional worship songs to Christian rock. The best way to explore these genres is to listen to them online with free downloads that are playable from your computer, phone, or other mobile device.

Where to Find Christian Music for Free

Many sites offer free downloads and suggestions for new music based on your previous download history, while others offer ratings, integrated social networking, and other routes to find great new sounds. Explore the features of each site to find the one that's best for you.

Godly Christian Music

Godly Christian Music contains a wide variety of music from numerous genres including acoustic, contemporary pop, soul gospel and folk scripture. You may stream each song to your audio player or download it directly as an MP3. The site also includes lyric and chord charts for some songs. Some of Godly Christian Music's most popular artists are:

  • Elizabeth Snow
  • Christian Mission Music
  • Bread of Life Orphanage
  • Abigail Miller
  • Nick Mott features more than 540 songs divided among categories like worship, Christian rock, contemporary Christian pop, gospel, praise and modern worship. Every song is available as an MP3 download. Sorting all of these songs can be tricky, but try using the tags near the top of the page to quickly find the style you're looking for. The list of available artists is diverse and includes:

  • Dr. Mark Spitsbergen
  • Abiding Place Worship
  • Pomoc Duchowa
  • Waves Are Rising
  • XVerdictX


Amazon houses a collection of Christian MP3s, some of which are available free. You must have an account with Amazon to download and use these files. Amazon permits you to sort results by song title, artist, album and price. Give a few of these artists a listen for free:

  • Ben Bowen King
  • Savae
  • Gaelic Strings
  • Ashmont Hill
  • T Bar M Camps

Untombed is one of the most comprehensive fan sites for Christian hard rock, and they have a page devoted exclusively to free downloads for bands like:

  • P.O.D.
  • The Beckoning
  • Mind of the Sick
  • Leper
  • Before There Was Rosalyn

Legalities of Free Music

When you download free music, it's your responsibility to ensure that the songs are legally available to access, download, and share. Always check to ensure the site contains a legal notice regarding copyright terms, lest you one day find yourself the recipient of an RIAA-inspired lawsuit.

Christian Music at Your Fingertips

Whether you're looking for specific songs of worship for an event or ceremony, or you just want to check out some new and different bands, free music downloads are a great way to explore all that Christian music has to offer. It can be exciting to discover new artists or a different arrangement of an old favorite tune, and getting these songs for free makes it all the more fun.

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Best Sites for Free Christian Music Downloads