Best Times to Buy Clothing

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Not sure when to shop to get the best deals on clothing? Here are the best times throughout the year to find the best bargains and give your wallet a break.

January and February

The early part of the year just after the holidays is a great time to purchase certain types of clothing.

Winter Apparel and Coats

By January, consumers have already purchased a bulk of the items needed to endure the frigid winter months. As a result, retailers tend to begin discounting items to reduce excess inventory and make room for upcoming spring arrivals.

However, there is a catch to securing the best bargains. Markdowns usually increase as time progresses, but it may be in your best interest to purchase popular items when discounts surface, or you could miss out.

Formal Apparel

Suit sales seem to be stagnant in January, so be on the lookout for price reductions to move idle inventory, notes TIME.

Fitness Apparel

Will shedding those unwanted pounds or leading a healthier lifestyle be on your list of resolutions for the upcoming year? Perhaps you have not given this much thought, but be mindful that retailers sometimes offer discount workout gear each January to attract customers.

July and August

The summer months often bring some great bargains on clothing.

Swimwear and Summer Gear

In the forthcoming months, the frigid winter weather will be here to stay. This means the price of swimwear and summer gear will begin their rapid descent because retailers do not want these items lingering on racks in the fall.

Children's Clothing

Most children return to school in August, so retailers offer sales to make apparel more affordable. Look for sales on everything from separates to school uniforms. Additionally, try shopping during the sales tax holiday (if available in your state) to help offset costs.


During October, you may be able to find clothing bargains, as well.


Just in time for the cooler temperatures, retailers will begin applying discounts on jeans once the back to school rush has passed. Likewise, expect even lower prices if jeans are not projected to be on this year's list of popular fashion trends, notes TIME.

Other Shopping Tips

No matter what time of the year you shop, it is possible to save money by following a few simple strategies.

Holiday Sales

Clothing retailers offer sales for practically every holiday throughout the year. However, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and the day after Christmas are the best sales to shop if you want to hit the jackpot.

The reason behind this is that many consumers are so fascinated with the deals on electronics during sales Black Friday that they completely overlook apparel. As for the day after Christmas, retailers are anxious to get rid of all the leftover inventory ordered to meet the demands of holiday shoppers.

Markdown Days

These days vary by retailer, but you can inquire with management or a customer service representative to learn more. If the store is holding a weekend sale, pay them a visit on Thursday evening when the markdowns are typically applied. This will enable you to avoid the mayhem and get first dibs on the discounted items they are offering.

Out of Season Apparel

According to ABC News, you can save between 40 and 50 percent by waiting until mid-season to go shopping. However, being patient and shopping out of season can land you even steeper discounts, between 50 an 75 percent, the article adds.

Save Money All Year

While there are optimal times to buy, shopping wisely will save you money on practically any type of apparel you choose to purchase.

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Best Times to Buy Clothing