Printable Rebate Forms

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Printable rebate forms are available for a variety of products, ranging from electronics to household cleaning supplies.

About Rebate Offers

Rebates can be offered either by the manufacturer or by a specific retailer. If you're submitting for a manufacturer's rebate, you can buy the product anywhere. If the rebate is from a specific retailer, such as a software rebate from Staples, you can only purchase the item from that particular business. In some cases, you will see offers that include separate rebates for the manufacturer and the retailer.

Finding Printable Rebate Forms

Typically, the best way to find out about product rebates is to simply get in the habit of carefully looking at the packaging on the items you purchase. If a rebate is being offered, you will usually see a short notice with a link to the website where you can download the rebate form.

Another good source of rebate information is store ads and product displays. Many stores coordinate sales with product rebate offers, then create promotional materials encouraging customers to submit the rebate forms for even greater savings.

If you're simply curious about what types of rebate offers may be available, the following websites maintain listings of printable rebate forms:

  • Freebies 4 Mom, a popular blog with coupons and store deals from various retailers, has a section of the site devoted to rebate information.
  • Coupon Deals and More has a large listing of rebate offers, including separate pages for baby products and pet care items.
  • Refund Sweepers maintains a list of various rebate offers that require printable online forms, including a few free after rebate offers.

When searching for printable rebate forms, remember that online rebate offers are becoming much more common than rebates that must be submitted by mail. Having information processed electronically speeds up the process of issuing rebate checks and requires less work on the part of the business that is offering the rebate.

Tips for Submitting Rebates

Submitting rebates isn't difficult, but you will want to keep in mind a few basic tips to make the most of this money-saving strategy.

  • Don't buy items you don't really need just to get rebates. Rebate checks can take 10-12 weeks to arrive and there is always a chance your rebate won't be processed correctly. If you're on a tight budget, there are better ways to save money.
  • Be prompt with your submission. Rebates are an attractive marketing strategy for companies simply because it requires effort on the part of the consumer to claim the rebate. Many people will buy an item, then misplace the receipt or rebate form before they are able to take advantage of the offer. If you buy an item that has a rebate offer attached to it, complete the paperwork immediately.
  • Read the instructions. Rebates require many different forms of documentation. Some rebates will require you submit the original register receipt for proof of purchase, while others will want product UPC codes. If the rebate requires you to buy multiple items, there may be a requirement that all products were purchased during a single transaction.
  • Write neatly. Use your best penmanship when filling out a rebate form. If the company can't read your name and address, your rebate may not be processed.
  • Keep careful records. It's a good idea to keep copies of everything you submit with your rebate form, including product receipts and UPC labels. Then, if you don't receive your rebate within the correct time frame, it will be much easier to follow up on your request.
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Printable Rebate Forms