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Invertigo at Great America

Families interested in visiting the San Francisco Bay area have many options for Great America Santa Clara tickets to enjoy this fun theme park.

About Great America

Great America is located in Santa Clara, less than 30 miles south of San Francisco and conveniently located for a visit from anywhere in the Bay Area. The park is owned by the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, the same company that owns Cedar Point, Knott's Berry Farm, Michigan's Adventure, and various other amusement parks and water parks around the country. With more than 30 rides, including eight roller coasters and Survivor: The Ride, as well as fabulous entertainment, shopping, and other fun attractions, Great America is indeed a fabulous theme park getaway.

Options for Great America Santa Clara Tickets

A great getaway, however, must begin with the right admission ticket. Luckily, Great America guests have many options for different admission prices to fit their budget and individual needs.

General Admission

Basic general admission prices for Great America are $54 for adults ages 3 through 61 who are 48 inches or taller and $36 for children shorter than 48 inches or for senior citizens ages 62 and older. Children age 2 and younger are admitted free.

If prospective guests can print their own tickets at home prior to visiting the park, they can enjoy substantial savings on the general admission prices. Pay once, visit twice tickets can be bought online for discounts, but the tickets can be used for any two days in the operating season.

In addition to monetary savings, printing tickets at home helps guests save time when they visit the park because they do not have to wait in line to purchase their tickets. There are no service fees or hidden charges for printing tickets at home, but prospective guests should be sure their printer is able to provide a high quality copy and the printed ticket should not be folded or otherwise mangled or it may not be accepted at the gate because of poor condition.

Season Passes

There are several season pass options for Great America Santa Clara tickets. Each pass offers different benefits and amenities, giving guests choices for their best ticket option.

  • Regular Pass: This basic season pass includes admission to Great America and its included water park, the Australian-themed Boomerang Bay Beach Club, for the entire season. Prices are $75 for adults and $50 for children, making this the most affordable option for anyone who plans to visit the park for more than two days during the season.
  • Gold Pass: This elite pass option includes admission to Great America, Boomerang Bay Beach Club, and nearby family-oriented Gilroy Gardens, as well as free parking at Great America. Prices are $95 or $85 if four or more passes are purchased at the same time.
  • Platinum Pass: This is the most elaborate season pass offered at Great America, and includes admission not only to the park but also to a dozen additional Cedar Fair parks across the country, including Cedar Point and King's Island. Furthermore, the pass also includes admission to the three California Soak City water parks located in San Diego, Palm Springs, and Orange County. Prices are $150 for adults and $90 for children, making this a very affordable option for anyone able to travel to other Cedar Fair parks.


There are several other discounts and great deals available for Great America tickets. The park often runs promotional discount offers on soft drink cans or snack food wrappers, and local retailers (grocery stores, credit unions, etc.) may have discounted tickets available. Interested guests should bear in mind that these discounts are not valid on Backyard Barbeque tickets or season passes, but they can make regular admission much less expensive. Group discounts are also available for any group with more than 15 participants, which makes Great America affordable for school field trips, church youth groups, corporate picnics, family reunions, and other events.

Contact Information

For more information about Great America Santa Clara tickets, interested guests can call (408) 988-1776 ext. 8858, visit the official website, or write:

Great America
P.O. Box 1776
Santa Clara, CA 95052

For information about group discounts, call (408) 986-5853.

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Great America Santa Clara Tickets