Finding Discovery Cove Discount Coupons

Coupons make swimming with dolphins affordable.

Discovery Cove discount coupons can help make this expensive park more affordable for you and your family. Located next to Sea World in Orlando, Discovery Cove allows you to interact with a variety of animals, which includes the ever popular dolphins.

Discovery Cove Admission Prices

To know if you are getting a bargain or not, you first need to know how much ticket prices cost.

A ticket to Discovery Cove varies depending on the time of year you go. Current prices (subject to change) are:

  • All-inclusive including Swimming with Dolphins. This costs $290 depending on the date of your visit. Spring, summer, and early fall rates are the most expensive, as well as the Christmas holiday season. None of prices includes tax.
  • Non-Dolphin Option. This option costs $190, again based on the times of your visit. Prices do not include tax.
  • Trainer for a Day. This package is more intense and includes an enhanced deep water interaction with the dolphins as well as the regular swim experience. Other details include photos, a gift bag, snorkeling, feeding birds in the aviary, and more. Prices begin at $490 depending on dates.

Ticket prices may increase at any time; typically parks increase admission annually as their operating costs rise.

What the Inclusive Package Includes

Paying $290 is a lot of money for a theme park ticket, but there is a lot included for the price. In addition to being able to swim with the dolphins, snorkeling, and feeding birds, you also get free breakfast and lunch, along with all the snacks and drinks you want during the day. You also get a free ticket to either Sea World Orlando or Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Discovery Cove Discount Coupons

Discount coupons come and go as offers expire and new ones replace them. The following offers are examples only and are no longer valid:

  • American Express Offer. If you purchase your tickets online at and use your American Express card, you will receive a $50 gift check from American Express. To take advantage of this offer, you must purchase the all-inclusive dolphin swim package. While this doesn't lower the cost of purchasing tickets, it does give you $50 to use on some other item. Use the code AXPFLA when checking out. This offer is not valid during the summer months.
  • Book in Advance. If you don't have an American Express card, you should look into this deal instead. By booking in advance online, you will receive 10 percent off, though you may need to book months ahead of time to qualify for the offer. At least one of your ticket purchases must include the all-inclusive dolphin swim package, and you can only buy 9 or less tickets using this discount. There are some blackout dates, so check to see what is available before planning your trip.

Discounts are also available for Florida residents and occasionally for Sea World season passholders.

Updated Discount Coupons

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Contact Information

For more information about this amazing park, including Discovery Cove discount coupons and special deals, visit the official website at or call 1-877-434-7268. You can also write to the park at:

Discovery Cove
Sea World Dr.
Orlando, FL 32821


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Finding Discovery Cove Discount Coupons