Wholesalers That Sell Cheap Car Stereos

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Car audio doesn't have to be expensive.

It's definitely worth the effort to find wholesalers that sell cheap car stereos. The technology changes so quickly, and few high-end units have the wattage you need to make a difference with the factory-installed speaker system.

Start Simple and Build Up

Professional installers deal with customers all the time that just want the "biggest and the best" sound equipment, regardless of the cost. Quite often, the customers don't understand what they're buying, the acoustics of the vehicle, or what type of sound they really want. If it's just thumping bass and a loud impression, almost any system will provide that.

However, if you want to really enhance the nuances of sound, experts recommend building your system piece-by-piece. That's why a cheap sound system is a good interim alternative: You don't have to sacrifice having a player in your car while you learn the intricacies of stereo equipment.

What You'll Pay More For

"Cheap" is a relative term, but if you have approximately $150, you can find a reasonably good unit. Most starter receivers are AM/FM/CD, with an amplifier power of 4x50 watts.

However, the add-ons will increase your base price, so weigh carefully what you think you'll really use before making that leap.

  • Satellite radio readiness. Do you plan on spending $10-$15 a month for satellite radio service? If not, avoid the extra cost of your car stereo by choosing a model without these hookups.
  • mp3 player access. This function is becoming almost as necessary as a volume knob. For just a few dollars more, most reliable wholesalers that sell cheap car stereos stock name-brand players with this addition.
  • CD changer. If this feature is in the base unit at the front of vehicle, you'll probably use it more. But if it's located in the back, most find it too inconvenient to spend more money to have it.
  • TV player/tuner. This is particular popular with families that use TVs when traveling, but otherwise, it's a pretty extraneous feature, especially since portable DVD players are so inexpensive. If you're trying to stay in an affordable range, this feature may not be worth the additional cost.

Finding Wholesalers That Sell Cheap Car Stereos

A quick way to do comparison shopping is to use Best Price.com. This site constantly searches for bargains on car audio systems, including in-dash receivers and mounted players, speakers, and accessories. It also features customer reviews, detailed data sheets, and scours retail and wholesale deals, as well as eBay and Amazon, two other good resources for inexpensive audio equipment.

Cheap Car Audio

Half Price Car Audio offers everything audio for you car, including DVD players, speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers. You can get everything here from a standard tuner-and-CD-player combination to a state-of-the-art MP3 player that syncs with your preferred portable media device. Technical advice is also available, and shipping is free.

Sonic Electronix

Sonic Electronix is a one-stop shop for all your car audio needs. You can get an MP3 player for your car at just over $100 and touchscreen monitors for just under $200. Sonic Electronix can even sell you the tools that you need to put your new stereo into your car.

More Deals

Also visit Wholesaler.com periodically to track wholesalers that sell cheap car stereos. New specials pop up frequently, and this clearinghouse site will tip you off to some great deals.

Getting Your Cheap Stereo

The Internet is a wonderful tool for discount shoppers. It allows you to compare prices at a number of virtual and brick-and-mortar stores before making the final decision regarding what choice is best for you. Do the research on what type of car stero you want, then shop around at the above retailers to see who offers the best price on the features that you need. Soon you'll be cruising down the highway, cranking your favorite tunes and with a little extra money in your pocket for gas.

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Wholesalers That Sell Cheap Car Stereos