Where Do Serious Couponers Get Coupons

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Newspapers have lots of coupons.

Where do serious couponers get coupons? The answer to this question depends on the individual, but it's safe to say that most couponers use several different strategies to get the coupons they need.

Where Do Serious Couponers Get Coupons?

To the novice, couponing often seems like a very intimidating task. However, it's not hard to find coupons if you're willing to devote a little time and effort into figuring out what sources are best for the particular products your family uses the most.


The Sunday newspaper is an essential tool for anyone interested in couponing. Major papers usually have between one and four separate coupon inserts, as well as store fliers showing the sales for the upcoming week. You can even check out Sunday Coupon Preview midweek to get an idea of what the best coupons might be.

While many couponers make a habit of buying two or three newspapers each week, you don't necessarily need to pay for extra newspapers. Friends and family who don't clip coupons may be willing to save their inserts for you. You could also try asking for the newspapers at the library, local restaurants or other establishments; they are generally recycled at the end of the day.


Magazines can be a good source of coupons, especially magazines targeted towards women or mothers with young children. All You is a newer women's magazine that is well known for having a number of valuable coupons, even going so far as to place the amount of coupon savings available on the cover of each issue. Family Fun, Women's Day, and Good Housekeeping often have coupons in each issue as well.

Grocery Stores

Don't forget to keep your eye out for coupons when you go shopping. You can often find offers attached to certain product packages or printed on your cash register receipt. If you have small children at home, consider having them help you save money by keeping their eyes peeled for these special coupon types.

Printable Online Coupons

When it comes to convenience, you can't beat printable online coupons. If you have access to a computer, printer, and Internet connection, you can find coupons for almost anything your family needs. The most popular sites for printable online coupons are Coupons.com and SmartSource.com, although sites with online shopping codes such as Retail Me Not are starting to include links to printable coupons as well.


Serious couponers know that it's often well worth the time to write to the manufacturer of a product you particularly enjoy. Companies will often response to customer letters with a thank-you packet of valuable coupons. Whether the product in question is shampoo, toothpaste, breakfast cereal, or pet food, keeping loyal customers happy is simply smart business sense.

If you're not much of a letter writer, at least consider signing up for free e-mail newsletters from your favorite product manufacturers. These newsletters often contain links to exclusive printable coupons. If you're worried about the possibility of spam, you could try setting up a free e-mail account to use just for this purpose.

Buying Coupons

Where do serious couponers get coupons? Often, they turn to sites that specialize in selling coupons. Web sites such as The Coupon Clippers and Select Coupon Program let you buy coupons for specific projects for a few pennies per coupon, plus a small shipping and handling fee. If you're purchasing multiple coupons for products you know your family will use, this can be a wonderful way to simplify your couponing process.

Coupon Parties

One of the newest forms of frugal entertainment is the coupon party. This type of event allows a group of couponers to exchange their unwanted coupons for coupons that are good for products their families will be able to use. For example, while a family with teenagers has no use for diaper coupons, they probably need lot of coupons for frozen pizzas and snacks the kids can stick in their backpacks on the way to basketball practice. Swapping coupons lets everyone save as much money as possible and ensures that nothing goes to waste!

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Where Do Serious Couponers Get Coupons