Very Cheap Electric Scooters

Cheap scooters can save money.

Consider purchasing a very cheap electric scooter to save money on commuting costs, even when you can find cheap gas prices.

Electric Scooter Shopping

Purchasing an inexpensive electric scooter is a way to go green and save money. Frugal-minded shoppers will want to save money on gas, help the environment and get the best scooter for their money.

Shopping for an electric scooter can be confusing-after all, some children's electric scooters are only around $100, while adult scooters can be in the thousands.

Do some comparison shopping in order to get a very cheap electric scooter that meets your personal needs. Consider these factors when shopping for a discount scooter:

  • Battery: What kind of battery is in the scooter? Does it have to be a particular brand, or will other, less expensive brands work, too? How long does the battery take to charge?
  • Speed: What is the maximum speed? How well does the scooter handle hills? Can you add some weight, such as a small storage basket, without affecting performance?
  • Distance: How far can you expect to travel on the scooter before it needs charging?
  • Legalities: Is the scooter street-legal? Do you need a special license to drive it? Do motorcycle laws or bicycle laws apply to the particular scooter?
  • Insurance: How much is the insurance on a particular model? Do you need full coverage insurance or just collision insurance? What are the laws regarding insurance for electric scooters in your state?

Purchasing an electric scooter cheaply may be good for your pocketbook up front. However, if repair and maintenance costs outweigh gas savings or the initial purchase price savings, the "cheap" scooter is no longer cheap at all. Before buying the scooter, save up the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a scooter in order to continue living debt free. Taking out a loan on an optional vehicle meant to save money is not very frugal.

Find Very Cheap Electric Scooters

Brand new electric scooters are not usually the best deal. However, you may be able to score an incredible deal on a new scooter if the maker introduces a new model or body style for the upcoming year. Search out economical electric scooters in a variety of places to find a model and price that fits your needs.

Scooter Dealers

Retailers that sell new electric scooters often have used scooters, too. Maintenance departments usually check the scooter over and fix any mechanical problems. For scooters that are less than three or five years old, a warranty may still be in place.

Buying a new electric scooter cheaply is also possible if a dealer is going out of business. They may need to reduce inventory quickly and often are willing to negotiate prices. Unfortunately, purchasing a scooter on a final clearance leaves little room for recourse if the scooter breaks or needs work. Weigh the pros and cons before cashing in on this type of deal.

Buying an electric scooter from a dealer is not always the cheapest option from the start, but may save you time and trouble in the future. Keep in mind all of the costs of owning and operating an electric scooter before you purchase.

Local Classifieds

Buying a used scooter is usually cheaper than buying a new scooter. Check the local paper's classified section for used scooters. Inquire how many miles were driven on the scooter, the reason for selling and any maintenance issues. Ask if you can stop by and give the scooter a test drive before you agree to purchase it.

Auction Websites

Online auction websites often have cut-rate prices on new and used electric scooters. These very cheap scooters are tempting to purchase, but always do the following:

  • Research the make and model online
  • Check the seller's feedback/ratings
  • Figure shipping charges

Do not hesitate to ask for more pictures, close-ups and an explanation of why the scooter is for sale. Auction sites offer enticing prices, but smart shopping still applies.

Buying a very cheap electric scooter is one way to save money. While it may not replace a family vehicle, it is often an economical choice for running errands or commuting to work.

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