Thrift Shop Romantic

Purchase a romantic plush toy at a thrift store.

Save money while still showing your honey you care by becoming a thrift shop romantic. Just because something is gently used or secondhand doesn't mean it won't be as cherished as a brand new item. Frugal gift giving is a learned skill, but with a few pointers, you should be able to pick out some lovely gifts for everyone on your list.

Mixing Love and Money

Mixing love and money can be a strain for many couples; in fact, there have been cases where extreme frugality causes a marriage meltdown. However, even in times where the belt is tightening, it is important to remember to show your loved ones how much you care.

Even when you cannot afford to go on a romantic getaway or purchase a desired bracelet or power tool, you can still find frugal ways to show your love. Visit a local thrift shop, like Goodwill Thrift Stores, with a few ideas in mind, to find that perfect gift.

Thrift Shop Romantic Gifts

Finding thrift shop romantic gifts is just like looking for gifts anywhere else for that special someone. Think about his or her favorite hobbies, colors and collectibles. Consider some practical items that the person might be able to use, too. To get started, check out the customized lists for men and women below.

Gifts for Women

Purchasing women's designer clothing, even when it is deeply discounted, can be difficult. After all, extreme sales often have strict return policies. Purchasing a designer item at a thrift store is often cheaper and hassle-free compared to exclusive boutiques. Just remember her size and style before heading out the door.

Other romantic gifts to keep your eye out for in a thrift store include:

  • Jewelry: Retro costume jewelry, fashion pieces and maybe even a gemstone or two are all available at thrift stores. Vintage or antique bracelets, broaches, and necklaces are other good choices for a romantic gift.
  • Toasting Glasses: Pick up champagne, wine or other tumblers made in unique designs and styles. These goblets will look especially romantic when tied with simple red and gold ribbons.
  • Handbags/Purses: Many women have several handbags in their collection. Add to it by seeking out a designer brand you know she loves at a thrift store price. To make it even more romantic, slip some homemade coupons into one of the pockets for her to find later.
  • Collectibles: Does your lady collect teacups, snow globes, figurines or other household items? If so, see what pieces she is missing. You may be able to find a missing figure at a thrift store, or a unique item to add to her collection.

Gifts for Men

Pick up a few items for the man in your life the next time you head to the thrift store. Items to look for to give him include:

  • Albums or CDs: Men love their music, so finding a vinyl LP of his favorite band would make his day. Otherwise, check out the collection of CDs for some bands he would enjoy.
  • DVD Collections: If there is a favorite series on your guy's "must see" list, consider picking up a DVD collection at a thrift store. Scour shops for any DVDs he may be missing out of particular seasons, too.
  • Pocket Knives: A small knife is an essential tool found in many men's pockets. Look for one that has special features you know he would love, such as a bottle opener. Alternatively, consider looking for a small knife with a carved candle, featuring a wolf, eagle or other figure that interests him.
  • Watches: A vintage pocket watch or sterling silver wristwatch is a romantic gift for a man. A wristwatch is especially fitting for a man who wants to accessorize but does not feel comfortable wearing a necklace or ring(s).
  • Furniture: Restoring furniture or working with wood is often a hobby that both men and women enjoy. Look for some pieces that you can restore together as a romantic weekend project.

Thrifty but Romantic Gifts

Just because you are living in a frugal way does not mean you have to give up all romantic gift giving occasions. Instead, become a thrift shop romantic and find your significant other something special for a lot less out of your wallet.

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