Subway Sandwich Coupons

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Subway coupons offer delicious discounts.

Finding Subway sandwich coupons can help health-conscious diners enjoy a great meal without a fat price tag. Coupons can be difficult to locate, but there are other ways to save at Subway that keep a personal budget nice and thin.

About Subway

Subway is a deli sandwich franchise chain with over 29,000 stores in more than 85 different countries. Founded in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Subway now spans the globe and brings in more than $11 billion in annual sales. With the right coupons, however, savvy consumers can avoid adding too much to that corporate total.


Subway specializes in sandwiches made from fresh ingredients, including fresh-baked bread such as white, wheat, honey oat, and other specialty breads and wraps. Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, roast beef, Veggie Delite, steak and cheese, and Meatball Marinara are only a few of the more than two million possible sandwich combinations available from Subway's menu ingredients. Eight different sandwiches qualify as "Fresh Fit" fare with fewer than six grams of fat, and the restaurant chain also offers raisins, apple slices, baked chips, and other healthy side items along with the regular chips and cookies extras.

Finding Subway Sandwich Coupons

Because all Subway restaurants are franchises, there are very few national coupons or coupon codes that can work at every store. Instead, consumers should investigate local offers and deals through regular flyers, advertising mailers, and other specials. Some franchises may offer local websites with regular discounts and specials, or Subway customers can sign up online for e-mail offers.

When individual stores do send out coupons, the exact terms and conditions may vary. Frequent offers include:

  • A free six-inch sub with the purchase of a six-inch sub and a medium drink
  • Three footlong subs for a discounted price
  • Four six-inch subs in any combination for a discounted price
  • Discounted rates for other menu items with qualifying purchases

When consumers receive Subway sandwich coupons in the mail, they should carefully check expiration dates and participating locations to ensure they get the best deal.

More Ways to Save at Subway

Subway sandwich rewards and cash card
Eat cheap with Subway Rewards.

In addition to coupon offers, there are other ways to save at Subway.

  • Daily Specials: Popular sandwiches are discounted on a weekly basis, creating a good deal on that day's six-inch special.
  • Fundraising Cards: Subway restaurants frequently participate in school fundraising efforts, giving school discount cardholders special deals.
  • Rewards Cards: Subway rewards cards are available in some states and can earn frequent customers free sandwiches and other menu items as they accumulate points.

Subway is one of the world's most popular sandwich restaurant chains, and Subway sandwich coupons allow hungry diners to take advantage of great deals while they enjoy a healthy alternative to other fast food options.

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