Sayings About Frugality

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Keep a tight grip on your money.

Find a few sayings about frugality to keep yourself in the saving mode and get out of the spending cycle.

Locate Sayings About Frugality

You may think that the only frugal quote out there is A penny saved is a penny earned. However, if you are looking for more inspiration that that singular piece of sage advice, you are in luck. Savings, while not always a priority for some people, has been on their minds. The sayings and quotes about frugality, thrift and saving are a good way to remind you little ways to save money.

In keeping with the frugal spirit, the first place to look for sayings about frugality is your library. Check out their financial/savings section or search for a book of quotes with a section on money.

If you do not have the time for a trip to the library, surf over to the following websites for some famous and infamous quotes:

Use Frugal Quotes to Save Money

It is difficult to learn how to use frugality to get ahead, but the journey into savings is well worth the effort. Having less debt and less stress will not only improve your bank account, but also your life, too. Use sayings about frugality as an easy way to save money in your life.Try doing the following with your newfound inspiration:

  • Write a sticky note with a favorite quote and place it on your bathroom mirror, dashboard in the car, or on your computer screen-some place you are sure to see it daily. Recite it several times each time you see it.
  • Keep a short list of quotes folded inside your wallet. Place your cash and/or credit cards inside this quote list. Each time you reach into your wallet to pay for something, you have the quotes about frugality in your hand first.
  • Share your favorite quotes with family and friends who are cheapskates, savers and even spenders. They will appreciate having additional information, regardless of how they choose to use it.
  • Make a quote your Facebook or Twitter status and ask your friends and family to come up with more for additional inspiration. Your quotes can also be a signature line in your email.
  • Discuss the quotes with your significant other or financial planner in an effort to stay on track with your savings goals. Everyone wonders at one point or another "am I saving enough money?", and this is one way to help you find out whether or not you are.

Beginning a life of frugal living is not something most people are able to do without a little help. Sayings about frugality can provide the inspiration for you to do something about the state of your own finances, even if you do not have the money to pay for a financial planner or debt counselor.

Another use for quotations regarding saving, thrifty spending and frugality is that is can open the initial door for you to have a talk with your child about money. You can offer a saying about frugality at dinnertime or during the drive to school or soccer practice and ask what your child thinks of it. This is a good way to start teaching kids to save money. You do not have to provide examples from your own life, but rather can expound upon the thoughts of others.

Sayings and quotes about frugality are a great money saving technique. Not only is it a creative way to save money, but it offers up a little something extra to think about. The thought-provoking quotes may inspire you to change your life in more ways that just financially.

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Sayings About Frugality