Where to Find Printable Cat Litter Coupons

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Anyone who owns an indoor cat knows that a litter box filled with fresh clean litter is a must-have. In the wild, cats look for soft or sandy soil in which to relieve themselves. The cat litter naturally attracts cats, minimizing accidents, and providing much needed odor control for the owner.

Email Coupons

Some name brands offer coupons on their websites, buy they generally require you to sign up for their newsletters. They then send you coupons via email, as well as other offers. Examples include:

  • BLUE Naturally Fresh is made with walnut shells and comes in three varieties: quick-clumping, multi-cat, and pellet.
  • Cat's Pride offers the Fresh & Light, and Johnny Cat brands. They also carry a clay litter.
  • Arm and Hammer offers four varieties of cat litter: Ultra Last, Double Duty, Super Scoop, and Essentials Multi-Cat.
  • Fresh Step offers three varieties: Extreme, Odor Shield, and Crystals.

Check the website for your favorite brand to see if coupons are available.

Pet Supplies Coupons

These links take you to pet the supplies sections of broader coupon websites. They include a variety of brand name printable cat litter coupons, among other pet supplies. Offers change frequently, so visit the sites routinely to get the most current coupons.

  • Coupons.com is uncluttered, easy to use, and allows you to share favorite coupons with friends and family.
  • Hip2Save is a highly trusted site, and was well-reviewed by Daily Finance.
  • Coupons Do Work! not only offers printable coupons, but also a blog where people share their insights and learn from each other about coupon shopping.
  • Printable Coupons and Deal carries a broad range of coupons in addition to cat litter coupons, including those from department stores and restaurants.
  • Grocery Coupon Network offers printable coupons and also identifies items that, if purchased, will yield additional coupons at checkout.


Some retail stores that carry cat litter offer their own coupon sites. While they don't typically carry cat litter coupons every week, they frequently offer these coupons to customers. The coupons will always be specific to their stores. For example:

  • Target carries several brands of cat litter, including Fresh Step, Arm and Hammer, and Tidy Cats.
  • Walmart (select "Pet Care" from the menu) carries Special Kitty, Tidy Cats, Arm and Hammer, and other brands.
  • Kmart (select "Pet Care" from the menu) carries Tidy Cats, Cat Country, and Nestle Purina's Scamp brands.

If your favorite merchant doesn't offer cat litter coupons online, check the weekly store ads or speak to a store manager to find out where you can find these coupons.

Social Media

Consider "liking" or following your favorite cat litter brand on social media and you may be rewarded with coupons and other discount offers. For example, the Cat's Pride Facebook page offers coupons to followers

Pinterest contains a list of several cat litter coupons that others have collected and posted, so check in often.


Cats are nothing if not finicky. They also have very sensitive pads. Since you may need to sample a variety of litters to find the one that works best for your cat, find coupons to make it less costly.

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Where to Find Printable Cat Litter Coupons