Pregnancy Freebies

expectant parents and money
Freebies save parents money.

Pregnancy freebies can help make an often costly time of an expecting mom's life be a little cheaper. Supplementing your needs with freebies is a good idea to save money with a baby, even if he or she hasn't arrived yet.

Pregnancy and Baby Freebies and Samples

Expectant moms might wonder exactly what is available to them in freebie or sample form. Plenty of handy helpers are out there for new moms-to-be, including:

  • Baby and pregnancy magazines
  • Healthcare freebies and samples, like nutritional supplements or bars
  • Pregnancy products, like bags, t-shirts, and even water bottles
  • Personal care products, like stretch mark creams or nursing pads

Although many freebies and samples are geared towards the pregnant mom, she may want to stock up on items for her upcoming baby. Freebies for moms often include baby care items like baby shampoos and lotions, formula, baby food, diapers and free samples of baby wipes.

Some companies even offer larger items, like bottles, sippy cups or bibs for expectant moms. For example, cereal companies often run specials on toys, books, and music CDs geared towards babies and toddlers. However, it may be necessary to purchase a certain number of products and mail in UPCs or shipping and handling. Consider the cost of buying these items outright before sending in UPCs and shipping money to the company.

Find Pregnancy Freebies

Finding pregnancy freebies usually takes a little work, as expectant moms need to let companies know they are having a baby before they will receive freebies.

Freebies Online

Not every link in a Web search is up-to-date and offers may have expired. One of the best ways to receive freebie offers when pregnant is to sign up at company websites that are in the baby business. Visit these websites to find out about their e-mail newsletters, free offers and pregnancy information:

Diaper companies Pampers and Huggies offer codes in their packages that can be redeemed for products, gift certificates and sweepstakes entries. Sign up for rewards programs to find out more.

These are just a selection of the many companies dedicated to pregnant women and their babies. Offers change frequently, so be sure to check favorite websites often to see what new information and promotions are available.

In addition to visiting the company website directly, many expectant moms find plenty of freebies listed on money saving websites, blogs and forums. Some might be general money saving sites that also include pregnancy and babies, while others are geared specifically towards moms.

Healthcare Freebies

Visiting the doctor's office is not only good for the mom's and baby's health, but also for an expectant mom's wallet. Moms-to-be often leave with a bag full of free samples, magazines and offers that their doctor's office has on hand for pregnant women. Additionally, hospitals often give new parents and their baby freebies when they check-out, such as diapers, formula, a newborn hat and more.

Check out any free prenatal and baby care classes offered by your physician's office or hospital.These are important for learning about childbirth options and how to care for yourself and your newborn once you are home. Parents usually leave with new healthcare knowledge, and possibly free product samples, at the end of the classes.

Pregnancy and Baby Fair Freebies

Larger cities often host pregnancy and baby fairs throughout the year. These are held at hospitals or large convention centers. Companies sponsor booths that offer information about their products and about pregnancy and baby care. Sign up to receive promotional offers, sweepstakes entries and receive free products and samples while you browse the booths. Keep in mind that many events charge admission, so weigh that cost against potential freebies you will receive.

Using pregnancy freebies is a good way to stock up on items for moms and babies before the little ones arrive. For more information about pregnancy, visit LoveToKnow Pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Freebies