Oil Change Coupons

Auto technician performing an oil change
A regular oil change can add life to your vehicle.

Take the time to fully review offers featured on oil change coupons. You'll save big money in the long run with regular vehicle maintenance.

Little Things Matter

All vehicles have certain specifications regarding the type of oil, number of quarts needed, and the type of filter needed for an oil change. However, most manufacturers recommend an oil change - draining the old oil out, lubing gaskets, replacing the filter, and adding new oil - every 3,000 miles. If the average person drives approximately 12,000 miles a year, you can budget for about four oil changes per year for the life of the car.

The amount and way you drive can have an effect on your engine, too, just as those same factors affect the life of your tires.

Some cars also require a different viscosity of oil in the winter or summer months to handle the stress put on the engine during those times. Additionally, if you have to deal with a lot of daily stop-and-go traffic, that has an impact on your engine, too.

An oil change on a standard vehicle ranges from $20-$35. While most oil change coupons take off only a few dollars, using them is still a helpful way to keep that extra cash in your pocket.

How to Find Oil Change Coupons

Many service centers offer oil change coupons as a way to draw in new business or to remind a current customer that service is due.

Most places that do any type of auto service extend various types of deals, including:

  • Dealerships
  • Quick-change service centers
  • Local garages
  • Big box stores such as Sam's, Costco, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart

If you're not already on a mailing list for a service center nearby, most households receive direct mail coupon campaigns such as Valpak. In fact, if you haven't received a packet of discounts, you can often find the same oil change coupons sent in the mail on the Valpak website.

A quick check in this author's zip code uncovered many of the typical oil service discounts available:

  • $14.95 oil change and lube at a local service station
  • $5 off any oil change at a regional service center
  • $5 off lube, oil, filter, and safety inspection at a national oil change center

A popular chain service center across the United States is Jiffy Lube. Click on its website for a $5 off coupon for an oil change. In addition to that service, the center checks all primary fluids and tire pressure, and gives the car a quick sprucing-up with window cleaning and interior vacuuming.

Another extensive chain shop, Pep Boys, offers downloadable coupons to customers willing to provide an e-mail address.

Beware of the Upsell

Some centers entice you with oil change discounts and then try to "upsell" you on other features, products, and additional services.

Ask about pricing, labor, and expected results, but then leave to seek out a second opinion. It's quite possible that the service center did find a problem, or is sincerely recommending a service necessary to the general good upkeep of your vehicle. However, gathering more information will make it easier to determine if they are offering you the best deal.

In Summary

Don't hesitate to do some comparison shopping when looking for auto service deals, but remember that there are enough oil change coupons floating around the marketplace to help you inexpensively take good care of your vehicle. Don't delay service holding out for the best bargain.

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Oil Change Coupons