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Do you love free stuff?

If you love a good bargain, finding companies that offer free gifts with purchase can be a smart move. After all, who doesn't want free stuff?

The Appeal of Freebies

Many different types of companies offer gift with purchase items for their customers. For example:

  • Cosmetic companies often provide a gift with purchase to entice customers to try new products or to experiment with a shade of lipstick that's a bit bolder than they'd normally wear. Clinique is one of the many well known companies that frequently takes this approach.
  • Snack food manufacturers often add sample sizes of their newest products to more popular items as a way to generate customer interest. As an example, Kellogg's recently added free samples of its Special K2O protein water mix to its popular Special K cereal. It's a logical assumption that people who purchase the cereal might also be interested in a healthy new beverage.
  • If a manufacturer gets a good deal on an item, a free gift promotion might be a good way to pass the savings along to customers. In 2007, Amazon ran a "free toy" promotion for the Christmas holiday that let customers pick the toy of their choice from a list of items if they spent at least $50 on qualifying items.
  • Smaller retail stores sometimes offer free gifts with purchase to help clear older inventory. For example, a store selling scrapbook supplies might provide a grab bag with last season's patterned papers and stickers for any customer spending over $10.

Finding Companies That Offer Free Gifts With Purchase

The best way to find companies that offer free gifts with purchase is to make a habit of regularly checking bargain shopping sites on the Internet. For example:

  • Dealtaker, a resource for thrifty shoppers of all ages, frequently includes gift with purchase offers in its online bargains section.
  • Deals Plus is easy to use and includes a number of gift with purchase promotional offers. New deals are added on a regular basis.
  • Freebies 4 Mom, while primarily focused on coupons and free sample offers, sometimes posts gift with purchase promotions as well.
  • Retail Me Not is a large database of coupons for online merchants. Many of the coupons entitle you to receive a free gift with purchase. For example, there are usually three or four Victoria's Secret coupon codes that allow you to pick out a free pair of panties or a free tube of lip gloss with your order.
  • Amazon has a large list of gift with purchase offers in its beauty supply section. Other promotions are added occasionally as well.

Signing up for e-mail newsletters from your favorite stores is also a good way to learn about gift with purchase offers. Simply visit the company's Web site and look for the newsletter subscription link to get started.

BOGO Promotions

Buy one, get one free promotions are a variant on the free gift with purchase theme. Also known as BOGO offers, these promotions let you get two items for the price of one. Payless and Kohl's are examples of companies that regularly run this type of special offer. Since you can probably use two pairs of shoes or jeans, this can be a good way to save money.

Making the Most of Free Gifts

Ideally, the free gift that comes with your purchase will be an item you want. However, many bargain shoppers do occasionally find themselves with free gifts that don't fit their needs. Here are a few suggestions for keeping these items from going to waste:

  • Save the free item to use as a present for someone when you need a gift in a hurry.
  • Sell the free item at your next garage sale.
  • Donate the unwanted item to a local homeless shelter, daycare center, or another worthy charitable organization.
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Offer Free Gifts With Purchase