McDonalds Coupons

MacDonald's hamburger, fries and drink
Use coupons to make your next meal cheap.

Although finding fast food coupons can be a chore, McDonalds coupons are a little easier to find than others if you know where to look. McDonalds is a franchise chain, so double check that the restaurant where you want to redeem coupons is participating in the particular promotion or coupon discount.

McDonalds Coupons

Coupons for McDonalds vary, depending on the region of the country you live in and the current promotions. Coupons to keep an eye out for include:

  • Free fries with order
  • Free drink, McFlurry or coffee with order
  • Money off an order or particular item (50-cents, $1, and so on)
  • Free promotional sandwich with order
  • Multiple discount BOGO offers

McDonalds coupons are sometimes found in coupon advertising inserts in the weekend paper. Also look for coupons in special flyers during the week or within the newspaper print ads themselves.

McDonalds is sometimes a partner with various educational or community groups. For example, several counties in New Jersey offer McDonalds coupons as a reward from their 2009 public library summer reading program. Occasionally, McDonalds will put out coupon booklets just for children to use, like around the holidays.

Fast Food Savings

Saving money with coupons at lower-priced fast food eating establishments is a great way for people who still want to enjoy a meal out without all the additional costs. Skip the expensive and waistline expansive meal deals. Instead, use your coupons for the food indicated, and supplement with fries to share or sandwiches and drinks from McDonalds' Dollar Menu.

Sometimes fast food chains like McDonalds put out game pieces on their food and drink containers that have the chance to win prizes, like free food, games, money or electronics. Remember that these "free" chances to win are obtained only through purchasing something from the restaurant in the first place.


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McDonalds Coupons