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When many travelers are looking for an inexpensive vacation, Las Vegas is not a destination they consider - yet there are many Las Vegas freebies you can take advantage of to hit it big in Sin City while having a great time on a small budget. Start your vacation by the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign and snap a photo to begin your great Vegas getaway.

Las Vegas Landmarks

There are a number of popular Las Vegas landmarks along The Strip that you can take photos of and enjoy without any admission fees or access charges. Take a nighttime photo under the Eiffel Tower, capture the New York New York skyline, pose near the Luxor pyramid, gaze up at the Stratosphere tower, and get a glimpse of the Excalibur castle, all while enjoying the unique sights each of these famous landmarks offer.

Showgirl Sightings

In Harrah's, near the north side entrance, you can have your opportunity to mingle with the stars of some of Las Vegas's most popular shows - the showgirls. Decked out in feathers, sequins, and spangles, you can have your photo taken for free with these glamorous dancers.

Hotel Scenery

All of the major Las Vegas resort hotels feature stunning decorations and elaborate details, such as the marble statues that adorn Caesar's Palace, the glass sculptures in Bellagio, and the gigantic aquarium in the Mirage. Take time to tour the different hotel lobbies and reception areas to see this fabulous scenery without spending a penny. If you visit during the holidays, such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, or Independence Day, you'll find even more exotic decorations to enjoy.

No Charge Chocolate

Located just a few minutes' drive from the Las Vegas Strip, the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory is a free attraction where you can see elegant edibles being made, and even enjoy a free sample of the company's smooth, delicious confections. The factory has an extensive gift shop and is partnered with a branch of the M&Ms Store for even more chocolate fun.

Mirage Volcano

The stunning volcano outside the Mirage is one of The Strip's most familiar landmarks, and it runs nightly free shows hourly (times vary by date and are more frequent during popular times). Arrive early to get a good spot to see the flames, smoke, and other pyrotechnic effects that make this show one of the best free attractions in Las Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas

You can't explore Las Vegas without finding at least one Elvis impersonator, and they're always willing to pose for a whimsical photo with you and your friends. There is generally no up front charge for such a photo opportunity, but tips are appreciated. If Elvis isn't your style, keep a lookout for Liberace, Elton John, Marilyn Monroe, and other celebrity impersonators.

Free Drinks

If you do plan to gamble, you can take advantage of free alcoholic drinks while you're at the gaming tables. Every casino has a cadre of cocktail waitresses roaming the floors and taking orders, and while there is no charge for the drinks, tips are welcome.


Las Vegas may be in the midst of a desert, but many hotels have exceptionally beautiful and ornate gardens. The Flamingo, for example, has both exotic plants and wildlife in their garden, while the Encore hotel (a partner of the Wynn) has a stunning waterfall near its entrance. In addition to the gardens at resorts, the city of Las Vegas is home to a wide range of beautifully landscaped public parks that are great spots for picnics, outdoor games, or just relaxing.

Pirates of TI

One of the most famous, or infamous, free shows on the Las Vegas Strip features the sultry Sirens of TI and their pirate invaders. Moving pirate ships, electrifying music, pyrotechnic effects, and a final battle are the highlights of this show, but standing room is very limited and fills up quickly for the nightly performances. Visitors are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to a performance to get a decent view.

Natural Wonders

Visitors interested in exploring outside the city limits of Las Vegas can find a lot of free natural beauty to enjoy, including Red Rock Canyon, the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, and Lake Mead. Hiking, bird watching, and photography are popular activities in these different locations, but be sure you're prepared for the heat and sun.

People Watching

Las Vegas is a fabulous destination for watching crowds and unique visitors from all over the world. On any given day you may find brides and grooms, bachelor and bachelorette parties, dozens of different nationalities, and many other colorful personalities to enjoy if you like either people watching or meeting new and unique friends.

Living Lions

The resident lions at the MGM resort are a great sight to see and one you wouldn't expect in an urban metropolis. The lion habitat is free to visit and features stunning, up close views of the big cats, and feeding times can make seeing them even more amazing. The exhibit is small and can be crowded, however, so be patient when visiting and avoid knocking on the glass.

Almost Free

While there are many great Las Vegas freebies to take advantage of in this glittering city, there are many other deals that can seem almost free. Extravagant buffets, drink specials, discounted show tickets, coupon offers, and daily specials can make spending time in the city a great getaway for anyone on a tight budget. Simply look for coupons and hotel packages to make your stay even more affordable.

Free Fun in Vegas

With outstanding free shows, great attractions, and a glittering culture, there is a lot you can do in Las Vegas without spending a dime and without gambling away a good time. Be ready to explore, and you'll have a great time in Sin City!

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