Is BOGO a Multiple Discount

Split the cost of BOGO clothes with a friend.

If you are wondering "Is BOGO a multiple discount" and if you should use it, you are not alone. BOGO stands for buy one, get one free. Consumers often get excited at the thought of something for free but they are not always getting that item free of charge.

BOGO Grocery Deals

Grocery stores and food manufacturers often offer items for BOGO. These deals may be advertised in fliers or be unadvertised in-store sales. These deals are especially good if you use a coupon or two for the sale items.

Some stores allow you to do what is called "stacking" coupons, which involves using a name brand/manufacturer coupon along with a store coupon. Careful coupon clippers and bargain shoppers can get a fabulous deal by combining BOGO coupons with in-store BOGO sales. explains how to make the double deal work for you.

But before you toss two, four, or six boxes into your grocery shopping cart, you should be aware of some potential downfalls to the BOGO deal at grocery stores. Consider these questions:

  • Are the products near their expiration dates? If so, can I use both products or freeze them safely before they go bad?
  • If I want to buy just one item, do I get it at 50 percent off?
  • Is there a cheaper generic brand I can get for less than the BOGO deal?
  • What is the original price of the product? Has it been marked up during the offer?
  • How much am I paying per serving/washing/unit before and after the sale price?
  • Is there a limit on how many items I can pick up using the BOGO deal?

By watching the prices, keeping coupons organized and knowing store policies, you can certainly make BOGO work for your grocery shopping budget.

Retail Stores: Is BOGO a Multiple Discount

Retail stores that offer clothing, shoes and housewares do extend BOGO deals, though not as often as a grocer. Payless Shoes is a store that has made BOGO a sale worth waiting for. Other stores do a variation on the BOGO deal, offering a "buy two, get one free" or "buy one, get one half off." Although they do not save you as much money as the original BOGO, they can still save you money if you really need the item.

Retailers often attach more riders to their BOGO deals. It is common for retailers to add fine print to signs and advertising that mentions that BOGO in-store sales cannot be used in combination with coupons or that the BOGO offer does not qualify for other specials.

If the store put out a BOGO coupon, there may be a long list of excluded merchandise and brands-even entire departments. Finally, many department and specialty stores do not mark single merchandise pieces down to 50 percent off. To get the deal, you have to buy in increments of two.

Despite the downfalls of purchasing merchandise from retail or discount stores using BOGO, it is still possible to get a good deal. Try the following:

  • Combine BOGO deals with mail-in rebates.
  • Stock up on staples, like plain t-shirts, napkins or cleaning supplies during BOGO offers. Check to see if coupons are accepted.
  • Round out your Christmas gift lists by picking up BOGO offers as stocking stuffers or use them for quick last-minute gifts.
  • Shop BOGO sales with a friend and split the price for more expensive BOGO items between the two of you. That way, you each get your own purse/jeans/cookware set for half-off.

Find BOGO Deals

It pays to know about BOGO deals. Check your favorite money saving sites for the latest online deals. Local advertisements often come in the paper or a classified publication. Lastly, watch for unadvertised deals as you browse your local stores.Keep track of the BOGO deals at your favorite stores. A lot of companies run BOGO deals and other sales on a cycle. Make note of the dates of any sales. Watching and waiting for anywhere from 12 weeks to a full year can give you a better picture of how to space your shopping. Once you understand the sale cycle, it may be worth stocking up with enough items to last you until the next BOGO deal.

Only you know the answer to "Is BOGO a multiple discount." For many informed shoppers, it can be. Using coupons and knowing the base price is crucial to making the BOGO sale or coupon work for you.

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Is BOGO a Multiple Discount