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Whether you're in the market for a new refrigerator or simply looking to upgrade your washer and dryer, home appliances rebates can be a great money-saving tool. Usually, to acquire the rebate that accompanies the purchase of a new appliance, you must submit an official rebate form supplied by the company. Receiving the rebate can take as long as three months, depending on how fast the company processes received forms.

Finding Home Appliances Rebate Forms

Finding rebate offers for home appliances can be a tricky task. There are two basic types of home appliances rebate forms:

  • Store Rebates: Stores such as Best Buy or Home Depot sometimes offer rebates on certain appliances. These rebates are only valid for items purchased at the store during a specific time period.
  • Manufacturer Rebates: Major appliance manufacturers such as GE often offer rebates as an incentive to induce customers to purchase new models or special energy-efficient appliances. These rebates are valid regardless of where the product was purchased.

The easiest way to find out about store rebates is to ask a salesclerk what offers are available. However, if you're interested in manufacturer rebates, going directly to the company website is typically the simplest approach.

Shopping for New Appliances

Customers hoping to take advantage of home appliances rebate forms should remember these simple shopping tips:

  • Don't be afraid to do some comparison shopping. If you can combine store rebates and manufacturer's rebates, you'll save even more money on your new appliance purchase.
  • Remember that a rebate doesn't automatically save you money. Don't purchase an item just to receive a rebate. For example, you may be able to find a similar stove that's on sale for $100 cheaper than the one that offers a $50 rebate.
  • Be honest with yourself. If you're not organized enough to complete the rebate paperwork by the deadline, don't use a rebate opportunity as a factor in your purchasing decision.

Rebate Submission Tips

If you're not in the habit of completing rebate submission forms, you may be wondering how difficult it will be to track your check in the mail. However, you'll greatly increase your odds of a successful rebate submission if you remember a few key points:

  • Make sure you read the rebate form carefully. You don't want to be denied your rebate check because you didn't fill out the paperwork correctly.
  • Write legibly. If you have terrible handwriting, ask a friend or family member to fill out the rebate form on your behalf.
  • Keep detailed records of your rebate submissions. Photocopy all documentation and note the date you sent your rebate form to the company.

Many rebate requests are filled within four-to-eight weeks, but it can often take 10-to-12 weeks to receive your check. If you haven't received your rebate check within this timeframe, call the customer service center to follow up on your application.

Although not all companies have an online rebate submission process, this option is becoming increasingly more common. If given the opportunity, it's best to submit your rebate via the company website. Processing times are typically quicker for online submissions and you'll eliminate the hassles associated with lost or misplaced mailings.

Using Rebates to Your Advantage

Although a potential rebate may increase the likelihood of your buying a particular appliance or other product, it should not be the main determining factor in your decision. Remember that a rebate only refunds a portion of the product's price; the amount you receive, therefore, may not warrant purchasing an expensive or high-tech product.

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Home Appliances Rebate Forms