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Trim your beauty budget with salon coupons.

Using a Great Clips coupon is a fantastic way to trim hair care costs, but these discount offers are not easy to find.

About Great Clips

Great Clips is a nationwide chain of family-oriented, affordable hair salons. Offering a range of services including full trims, bangs, shampoos, hair cuts, and elaborate styles, it is easy to spend quite a bit of money in Great Clips while searching for the perfect style. Because many hair styles require regular trims - typically every 4-to-6 weeks to keep a style fresh and updated - hair care costs can quickly add up to a very big beauty budget. Using a Great Clips coupon, on the other hand, can help trim those costs to a more manageable level regardless of how many trims, perms, colors, or updates you may need.

Finding a Great Clips Coupon

Because the prices at Great Clips salons are already quite affordable - averaging $9 for children and $12 for adults - the company does not frequently provide coupon and other discount offers. The salons are very locally-oriented and often participate in regional promotions, however, so checking the local community magazines, newspapers, and neighborhood flyers is a great way to browse for coupon offers. The occasional coupon can sometimes be found in regional Valpak mailers, or interested customers can sign up at Quick to Click to be notified of any online Great Clips discounts and coupons.

While the company may not offer regular coupons, they do frequently run promotions. Back-to-school hair cuts may be less expensive for children as the school year begins, or clients may be able to get free hair care products or accessories with a full-priced cut. Great Clips salons may also participate in Locks of Love hair cut-a-thons, when cuts are provided for free to individuals donating their hair to make wigs for children.

All promotions and regional offers vary for each salon based on their ownership and individual policies; contact a location near you for details and current offers.

Alternative Ways to Trim Hair Care Costs

If using a Great Clips coupon isn't enough of a help to your beauty budget, consider these frugal ways to cut hair care costs:

  • Make appointments at beauty schools rather than professional salons for discounted rates.
  • Choose a hair style that requires less frequent trims.
  • Opt for less expensive shampoos, conditioners, and other products.
  • Learn to trim bangs and do other simple touch-ups at home instead of visiting the salon as frequently.

A Great Clips coupon is a surefire way to reduce hair care costs, but unfortunately not too many coupons are available. With diligence and care, however, it is easy to find ways to make even a stellar style much more affordable.Interested in learning more about hair styles and salons? Visit LoveToKnow Hair!


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Great Clips Coupon