Government Freebies

Let Uncle Sam save you money with government freebies.

Even if you don't qualify for absolutely free government money, you can still get plenty of government freebies for yourself and your kids. These freebies are often educational and informative, allowing you to expand your mind at no cost to you. Many freebies are available online as PDF downloads, allowing you to use them immediately.

Free Publications for Adults

Adults will discover government websites to be a plethora of educational and informational materials. Each division of the government, from the Department of Health and Human Services to the FBI, maintains its own website. If you are looking for information or government freebies regarding a specific topic, it is best to start with that website for free brochures, fact sheets and publications.

Examples of government freebies that adults may be interested in include:

Federal Citizen Information Center

The Federal Citizen Information Center offers free publications on a number of topics. Anything you order online is free, but be aware that if you place a catalog order by phone, mail or fax, a small service fee will apply. Not every publication listed is free, though many are. Double-check the description to be sure you are picking something that is free. Publications relate to the following areas:

  • Cars
  • Computers
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Food
  • Health
  • Money
  • and more

Government Freebies for Kids

The government offers many kid freebies for children, parents and educators to order or download. Get one of the following today.

Using government freebies for children is an excellent way to supplement what a child is learning in the classroom or to provide quality, reliable information on a topic that interests a child. Remember to print only the items you will use to save money on ink cartridges and computer paper.

The government is a great source of information on topics from saving money to nutrition to energy conservation. Government freebies are a dependable way to learn about subjects that matter to you and your family.

Government Freebies