Golden Corral Coupons

Buffet style restaurant

Golden Corral's popular buffet and family-style restaurant has something for everyone. For those trying to stretch their household budgets, Golden Corral coupons make it possible to save money on your next visit.

Good as Gold Club

When you join Golden Corral's Good as Gold Club, you will receive a special introductory offer and a coupon for a complimentary buffet on your birthday. You can get coupons and deals via email.

Online Deal Websites

There are several online deal websites that offer coupons for Golden Corral, including:

  • This website is dedicated exclusively to Golden Corral and is chock full of printable coupons, menus and pricing, locations, gift cards, recipes, and nutrition information. Deals are updated on a monthly basis.

  • This site also contains a page exclusively dedicated to Golden Corral printable coupons.

  • This site contains several coupon codes for Golden Corral. Deals are added on a frequent basis, but may not always work. You can check the validity of the coupons on the site.

  • You can locate printable coupons for Golden Corral via this coupon website.

Print Sources

You may also find coupons for Golden Corral via the following print sources.

Sunday Circular

Check the Sunday circulars in your local paper for valuable coupons. They may not be present on a weekly basis, but when they are available, pick up a few copies of the paper to take advantage for the weeks to come.

In-Store Coupons

When you pay for your meal, the cashier may hand you some money-saving coupons to be used on your next visit. If they do not offer, you can always inquire to see if any coupons are lying around. Also, ask about special promotions that may be surfacing in the near future so you can strategically plan your next visit.

Golden Corral also invites dinners to enter a daily drawing to win $1,000 in exchange for taking a Customer Satisfaction Survey. All you have to do is call the number listed at the top of your receipt.


ValPak, which arrives in the mail, may also contain coupons to Golden Corral on occasion to help curb costs.

Social Media

If you're on social media, you may also be able to score great deals to help you save money when dining at Golden Corral.

  • Facebook or Twitter: Like Golden Corral's Facebook page or follow the restaurant on Twitter to stay abreast of the latest deals. There is also an unofficial Facebook page titled Golden Corral Coupons that frequently posts valuable printable coupons and lucrative discount deals available at locations nationwide.

  • Pinterest: The Golden Corral Coupons board on Pinterest is another viable resource for printable coupons and deals to help curb costs on your next visit.

Other Ways to Save

If all else fails, the lunch special is always a much more affordable option than the dinner buffet. In most instances, the menu will be identical to that of the dinner buffet, and you can always visit towards the end of the lunch window to get first dibs on the evening selections. Also, consider ditching the carbonated beverages and fruit juices for water. It's free and much healthier for you. Finally, don't forget to take advantage of special promotions, such as Kids Eat Free night specials, Senior Night, and Military discounts at your local Golden Corral.

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Golden Corral Coupons