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Find an array of money saving tips through frugal websites that cater to your savings and debt needs. From blogs to general websites to sites dealing in one area, you will be able to enjoy frugal living with tips and tricks laid out in the sites. Of course, all readers should proceed with caution when using advice dispensed on the Internet. Individuals in serious money trouble should seek out professional financial advice.

Frugal Blogs

Plenty of online bloggers know that making money online is one way to help give a boost to their finances. Not only are frugal blogs helping people share their debt reduction and money tips, but they frequently provide a source of income for the writer. Pretty frugal thinking!

Bloggers often get started because they find themselves in financial trouble and are working on getting out. Sharing personal stories and money saving tips are often the main focus of these blogs.

Visit these blogs for ideas on frugality:

  • The Frugal Duchess: Written by a columnist for the Miami Herald, this blog is easy to read and offers practical advice and tips. A new entry is posted daily or even more frequently.
  • MyMoneyBlog: This blog is a personal one started by a man trying to save up for down payment on his first home. He tries some fairly unusual things (such as making money from balance transfers) that might not be right for everyone, especially those with credit card problems. However, he is upfront and honest about his personal situation and many posts relate to small things a person can do to save money and get out of debt.
  • And Then We Saved: Another personal blog, this one is more geared toward the author's journey towards paying off $24,000 in debt in only 15 months. It is brutally honest, and offers several tips.

Popular financial gurus often keep up blogs on their websites. Dave Ramsey and David Bach both keep blogs offering frugal financial tips to fans of their money saving methods.

Websites for Frugal Living

People who are interested in a wide range of frugal topics, from meal planning to bargain shopping to debt free living, can find a number of websites that cover these topics and more. Short articles, advice columns, and even newsletters are featured on general frugal websites.

All Things Frugal

All Things Frugal offers over 70 categories of articles related to frugal living, savings, and penny pinching. Children, healthy living, decorating, and home are all categories that offer several subsections of advice. Sign up for the free newsletter for daily e-mail tips, and check out the highlighted articles.

Simple Debt Free Living

Simple Debt Free Living is geared toward living debt free and managing finances. Articles and tools related to staying out of debt often relate back to frugal lifestyle spending choices that include holidays, vacations, weddings, and more. The site is well-organized and the writing is easy to follow.

The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher is a website updated weekly that provides a vast listing of articles dedicated to saving your money and living debt free. Check out the community forums to get or give frugal advice to people in similar financial situations.

More Frugal Websites

To find ideas on going frugal in certain areas of your life check out some of the following sites:

LoveToKnow also offers plenty of frugal advice on this Savings channel and some of our sites:

Visit any of the LoveToKnow channels to find out if there are money saving ideas that you can incorporate into your life. Simply use the search button and keywords like "discount," "cheap," and "money" along with any other important words.

Frugal ideas are nothing new. People have been trying to live debt free for years; it is just recently they have started keeping websites that publish their hints. Subscribe or bookmark your favorite frugal websites so you can keep up with the newest ideas for cheap and simple living.

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