Freebies for Moms

Freebies help moms save money.
Freebies help moms save money.

With the rising costs of raising a family, freebies for moms are the perfect way to supplement a household budget.

Moms-to-Be and New Mom Freebies

Even if you aren't a mom quite yet, you can still look for freebie offers. The first thing you want to do is sign up for newsletters from parenting websites. Parenting websites often have lists of online bargains and freebies that are updated frequently.

Register at companies that cater to baby and toddler needs. From baby gear to formula, many companies offer newsletters, special offers, coupons, discounts and, from time to time, freebies to their registered members. Sign-up at websites that make diapers, food, wipes and more. Popular companies include, part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, Nestle Juicy Juice and Similac StrongMoms. The offers and freebies offered by different companies will vary from time-to-time.

Hospitals and physician offices often have freebies available to pregnant women or new moms who transfer their newborn care to the facility. Items received may include:

  • Healthy parenting magazines
  • Breast pads
  • Nutritional guides
  • Coupons for baby products
  • Lotion samples
  • Formula samples
  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Bottles

Websites Offering Freebies for Moms

Plenty of websites offer totally free product samples with offers many moms will appreciate, like toothpaste samples, lotion and shampoo. Families always need more household cleaners or free cereal bars. Yet sorting through these websites for offers that work for your family can take a long time. Instead, find freebies for moms websites that offers you the exact things you are looking for, all on one site.Moms who are looking for freebies that cater to them specifically should visit these websites for the hottest free samples, coupons and deals:

  • MommySavesBig: Not only can you click on the free stuff tab to find a list of the newest freebies online, you can also find links to free magazines and catalogs. Check out the other money-saving portions of the website, like online and printable coupons, mail-in rebate forms and bargains and deals sections.
  • Contest for Moms: Find a list of free stuff, samples and products on the website that also includes fun contests and sweepstakes that moms will enjoy entering.
  • Freebies 4 Mom: Get the scoop on all kinds of great deals for moms of kids of all ages. Blogger Heather provides new freebies, coupons and money-saving offers every day, from free photo Valentine's Day cards to birthday freebies and more.

To find a freebie or sample of a particular product, do not wait to see it listed on your favorite money-saving sites. Instead, be proactive and use a search engine or two, typing in the product you want, plus the terms "free sample" or "free product." While you may not get a deal on a particular brand, you are likely to find some website offering a sample or discount for what you want to try. Make sure the website is legitimate before you enter your information.

Family Freebie Groups

One of the best ways to get freebies as a mom is to start a swap with other local moms. Once a month or once a season, gather up all your gently used kids' clothing and toys. Make some snacks and drinks, and let the trading amongst friends begin. This concept has turned into an organized venture for two groups, Freecycle and Freepeats.


Anyone can get free stuff from Freecycle, including moms, dads, teens and kids. Simply join one of the groups across the United States, post what you want or what you are offering, and wait for a reply. Moms can find furniture, clothing, entertainment offers and more on Freecycle. Read the rules and FAQ section before you post on the website.


Freepeats operates similarly to Freecycle, with a few distinctions. Unlike Freecycle, Freepeats will charge a very low one-time membership fee if you fail to join during one of the group's free enrollment periods. Additionally, this website caters specifically to moms, offering up only used baby, kids and maternity items. Remember to adhere to the terms of service and follow the rules before you sign up with Freepeats.

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