Freebies for Elementary Teachers

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There are several freebies available for teachers to use in the classroom.

To recognize the hard work they do educating the nation's children, many businesses and organizations offer freebies for elementary teachers.

Finding Freebies for Elementary Teachers

There are a variety of freebies for elementary teachers, ranging from tools to help you keep your classroom in order to resources for planning lessons on topics such as nutrition and financial responsibility.

Classroom Management

  • Print a Poster: You can decorate your classroom with free printable motivational posters from this helpful Web site.
  • Basket Biz: Visit this site to print out free bookmarks for your students to use in your classroom.
  • Computers for Learning: Teachers can request free computers for their classroom from this government program. However, awards are made based on demonstrated need.

Professional Development

  • Edutopia: Join Edutopia for tips, tools, and information on what's happening in the education field.
  • Center for Digital Education: Numerous tips and articles on using technology in the classroom to help with everything from lesson plans to clasroom management.
  • Yes! Magazine: Teachers interested in issues relating to sustainability can request a free one-year subscription to this publication.

Free Printables

  • Reading A-Z: Download free story books and worksheets for use with your students.
  • A+ Math: Create your own math flashcards for your students.
  • School Express: The School Express Web site has thousands of free printable worksheets for reading and math lessons.

Lesson Plans

  • K-6 Elementary Education Lesson Plans: Elementary teachers will love this wonderful directory of free lesson plans. Ideas are neatly organized by grade level and subject.
  • Scholastic Lesson Plans: Search the directory of lesson plans for students in grades 1-6.
  • A-Z Teacher Stuff: The A-Z Teacher Stuff Web site provides a large listing of lesson plans for all subject areas and grade levels.
  • Lessons Plan Page: This site boasts over 3,500 free lesson plans. You can either browse through the site's new additions or search for ideas for your classroom by subject or season.

Resources for Topic-Specific Lessons

  • Dole SuperKids: Resources for teaching children about the importance of healthy eating are available from this educational Web site.
  • FEMA Youth Emergency Preparedness Curriculum: Educators can order free posters, videos, and books for use in teaching children about the importance of preparing for emergency situations.
  • American Kennel Club: The AKC provides activity sheets, coloring pages and other resources teachers can download to teach children about responsible pet ownership.

Additional Freebie Resources

Although they are general free stuff Web sites, the following resources may also have promotions and special offers that are of interest to those in search of freebies for elementary teachers:

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Freebies for Elementary Teachers