Free Stuff for Girls

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Girls enjoy free school stuff.

Teaching kids to save money is a high priority for many parents, and helping a daughter find free stuff for girls is one way to reinforce lessons. Many companies realize the value of offering free items to girls, from 'tweens to teens, so help the young girl in your life find some fun and helpful freebies.

Get Free Stuff for Girls

In only a few years, girls will have major buying power when they are out in the workforce. Therefore, a number of companies offer girls the opportunity to try their products free.

Health and Beauty Products

Like older women, many young girls are enthralled with beauty and health products. From free lotion samples to makeup rebate offers, beauty products are a great source of free stuff for girls. Companies run promotions for short periods, so routinely check out brands offering these types of health and beauty products:

  • Deodorant
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Facial cleansers and lotions
  • Hair care products
  • Razors and hair removal products

Makeup counters at department stores often have free samples of new products, which is great for girls just beginning to experiment with beauty routines. Sometimes hair salon professionals offer a few samples of products after someone gets a cut or style, so be sure to ask for any available freebies.

Companies invested in the health of young women often have free samples of products available for girls. Ask about getting different samples of the cheapest contact lenses when visiting an eye doctor. Under parental guidance, girls who need prescription medication should ask their family doctor about free samples before switching brands or types.

Books and Magazines

'Tween and teen girls often love reading their favorite magazines. Purchasing a subscription is costly for many, but luckily, these magazines often have a website girls can visit for free any time they want. Non-subscribers might be locked out of a few areas, but for the most part, the features are fun and free for anyone who visits the site. Check out these magazines aimed at girls online:

Similarly, a number of websites occasionally offer free children's books. Look for books that have topics that interest the girl in your life and read it together online or download it without paying a dime.

Product Samples for Girls

Like other online bargains and freebies, free stuff for girls is often listed on large websites with other offers. Simply look in the children, teen or girl section for freebies, or check the particular category if you want a certain item. As a precaution, monitor a young girl's Internet access and make sure she only enters personal information onto secure sites in order to obtain any free products.

Shopping Skills for Girls: Freebie Advertising

Clothing is a favorite thing for girls, and a favorite marketing tool for companies is the BOGO multiple discount. While a buy one, get one (BOGO) free deal is excellent if you really need the clothing, it is not truly a freebie since you have to purchase a certain item to be eligible. This is a great teaching example for girls about smart shopping.

Advertising a free item with purchase is another advertising and marketing tactic meant to draw in consumers who would not necessarily buy the original item, but are lured in by the promise of a freebie. Young girls might be especially susceptible to this flashy scheme, with the promise of free sunglasses, belts, handbags or makeup. Like the BOGO discount, a free item with purchase is only a good deal if she needs the original item in the first place.

Use free stuff for girls as a way to not only save money on products, but also as a teaching moment for the girl in your life. Freebies are a great way to get things she wants, and things she needs.

Free Stuff for Girls