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Faith is Free

After purchasing Sunday best clothes, filling the collection plate, organizing fundraising drives, and volunteering for countless hours, it may seem that being religious has a high price, but in fact there is a lot of free religious stuff available.

Holy Books

Many faiths are happy to share free copies of their holy books, from the Bible to the Book of Mormon. Scripture-based books, such as hymnals, songbooks, and compilations of spiritual essays are also frequently available for free from local churches and missionary groups. Many texts are also available for free downloads online.

Spiritual Counseling

Depending on the size of your local church, spiritual counseling may be available for free or for a voluntary donation. Many churches require engaged couples to attend premarital counseling sessions, and additional counseling opportunities for married couples, new parents, and troubled parishioners may be available as well.

Prayer Requests

Many studies have been done on the healing power of prayer and spirituality, and many churches accept free prayer requests from members and non-members alike. Requests can be made anonymously if desired. Depending on the circumstances, prayer groups may make personal visits to ailing parishioners or anyone seeking spiritual guidance.

Free Music

Many church and religious music groups have websites offering free downloads of popular Christian songs, hymns, and carols to augment a spiritual playlist. Sheet music and lyrics may also be available for a free download and can be perfect to add new music to regular church services.

Prayer Aids

Small prayer tokens and spiritual aids, such as rosaries, religious medals, or simple crucifixes may be available for free from missionary or gospel groups. Customized items may be available as well, for a small fee. Check with local church craft groups and missionary societies for available free prayer aids.

Church Tours

Many churches and cathedrals are brilliant works of architecture, rich with art and history. To help spread their religious message, different faiths may have free tours or orientation sessions available at houses of worship, allowing even non-members to see the beauty their religion has inspired. Tours may only be available by request or on certain times and dates, however, and not all areas of the building may be accessible.

Sermon Videos

In order to share their messages with a wider audience, many churches and spiritual groups have made free videos available online or on DVD by request. Key sermons, holiday messages, religious concerts, and religious children's programming are all frequently available.


Novelty items such as Christian bookmarks, simple toys, picture books, and framed messages are often available for free from religious organizations and craft groups. These items can be a great option to share with new members of the faith or church, and they can be used as teaching tools for children.

Study Groups

Many churches organize free Bible study or prayer groups for members and guests. These groups meet regularly and discuss popular religious topics as they apply to modern society. Many groups are organized around common members as well, such as teen groups, single adults, couples, new parents, or seniors, giving members even more ways to connect with people who share their faith.

Online Freebies

There is a lot of free religious stuff online from church and faith websites, religious groups, and non-denominational sources. Items such as free music downloads, video sermons, simple religious games, prayer-a-day calendars, Christian clipart, religious e-cards, and religious discussion forums are all available for tech-savvy spiritual guidance.

Free for Eternity

One thing that is always free and without obligation is personal prayer and faith. By taking advantage of free religious stuff, it is possible to explore your faith and discover your spirituality in deep, meaningful ways no matter what your budget may be.

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Free Religious Stuff