Free Magazines for Men

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Men have a number of free magazines to enjoy.

Free magazines for men can be found both on and offline, and encompass a variety of male interests. Whether you're looking for dating and relationship advice, information on men's health issues, or the latest on your favorite celebrities, there are many periodicals available to peruse, without paying a penny.

Features of Men's Magazines

Both webzines and print magazines for men have a number of features with a male perspective. These include:

  • Dating and relationship advice
  • Celebrity highlights and news
  • Men's health and fitness
  • News and media blurbs
  • Career/Business
  • Finance
  • Advice or question and answer columns from experts
  • Special interviews
  • Men's fashion
  • Men's products reviews
  • Entertainment and movie reviews
  • Interests and hobbies such as:
    • Cars
    • Gaming
    • Sports
    • Music

Many magazines are also geared towards a specific aspect of men's interests, such as Men's Journal magazine. Most print magazines have sites online, too, with many free articles and features, although you may need to subscribe in order to access all areas of the site.

Free Magazines for Men Online

For men on the go, a free online magazine can be a great resource to quickly access the features you want.

Print Magazines with Free Web Content

Many of the top men's publications offer free articles, advice, and resources on their websites, including the following:

Select Webzine

Ask Advertised as the premier online magazine for men, this free resource boasts a readership of over five million. With a comprehensive range of articles and advice, photo galleries, blogs, polls, and interesting site features updated daily, this is a resource many men turn to.

More Resources

Looking for more resources? Search for specific free magazines by interests or region. Many areas offer free local men's publications. Many sites also offer free downloadable magazines, e-zines, or newsletters focused on specific interests or hobbies.

Short Lists is also a free men's weekly magazine you can pick up at select locations or read online.

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Free Magazines for Men