Free IHOP Coupons

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Enjoy delicious pancakes using a great deal.

Enjoy your pancakes even more by using free IHOP coupons to get a good deal on your short stack.

About IHOP

IHOP, or the International House of Pancakes, was opened in 1958 by brothers Al and Jerry Lapin. Now over 1,300 restaurants are available around the U.S., serving up everything from omelets and toast to hamburgers and dessert. Their famous pancakes continue to be a favorite with customers who visit the restaurants.

Find Free IHOP Coupons

IHOP offers coupons in Sunday advertising circulars in areas across the U.S. Check to be sure they work at the location you frequent most. Another way customers have gotten coupons in the past is to fill out one of the restaurant's comment cards or sign up with their mailing list. Ask at the local IHOP nearest you if this is an option.

Getting some birthday freebie coupons may also be a way to save, so call the local restaurant to find out if they offer a birthday program with coupons or a discount.

If you find printable online coupons for IHOP, they are likely fraudulent or invalid. However, it does not hurt to call the restaurant and ask if it will honor it.

More Ways to Save at IHOP

Restaurant coupons are not the only way to save at IHOP. Do the following to save money at IHOP:

  • Visit the website and restaurants to find out about specials
  • Watch television advertisements for current promotions
  • Sign up to mystery shop with Shop'n Chek Worldwide, who is listed with IHOP as a partner for mystery shopping

Simply keeping eyes and ears open is a great way to find special savings at IHOP, minus any free IHOP coupons you have. One common promotion is the never-ending stack of pancakes. Just make sure you note the final day of the campaign to get in on the special deal. Another way to save is visit IHOP during their annual National Pancake Day Celebration, usually hosted in February. In 2009, customers who come to IHOP between 7 and 10 o'clock in the morning on February 24 will receive one free short stack of pancakes if they consider donating their money to local charities. Check with IHOP each year to find out the exact date and offer.


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Free IHOP Coupons