Free Health Books and Magazines

Collection of health books and magazines
Free magazines can save your health and your budget.

Finding free health books and magazines is an economical way to keep up on the latest medical advances and fitness recommendations for a healthy lifestyle with a healthy personal budget.

Why Read Health Publications?

There are many reasons to read health publications, whether they are fitness and exercise magazines or academic medical journals. These publications are usually on the cutting edge of new drugs, medical procedures, and discoveries of health risks and treatments.

Furthermore, critical information such as study results, drug testing information, and health alerts is also published in a wide variety of health books and magazines. By reading these different publications, anyone interested in the latest health care developments can stay updated on the news in the health industry.

Who Can Get Free Copies of Books and Magazines

Several types of people can get free copies of health books and magazines, including:

  • Medical Professionals: Doctors, nurses, surgeons, therapists, and other health professionals may qualify for free subscriptions to publications related to their field.
  • Insurance Professionals: Individuals who work in the health insurance industry may be able to obtain free copies to preview for their business needs.
  • Educators: Teachers and professors of health related subjects may be able to find free copies of books and magazines to use as supplementary material in their classrooms.
  • Students: Students in pre-med or medical programs may have good luck finding free publications to aid in their studies.
  • Business Owners: Anyone with a consumer-oriented business may be able to get free subscriptions and copies of books to use in their waiting rooms or to otherwise make available to their clients.
  • Consumers: Interested consumers can often obtain free copies of books or trial magazine subscriptions for health-related publications they are interested in, though the offers may be more limited than for medical professionals and others with a more direct connection to the industry.

Finding Free Health Books and Magazines

There are several ways to find free books and magazine subscriptions for health-related topics. Not every method may work for everyone interested in these publications, but it will give you can idea of where to start looking for your free copies.

General Resources

Many local resources offer free magazines and books, including:

Male and female doctors holding an x-ray
Get free copies from your doctor.
  • Public Libraries: You may not be able to keep the books or magazines, but checking the local library is a great free resource.
  • Doctors' Offices: Most doctors, therapists, optometrists, dentists, and other medical professionals keep several different health books and magazines in their waiting rooms for patients to browse. If one strikes you as interesting, ask if you can make copies of it (the office may make the copies for you), or ask if you could keep the magazine.
  • Health Fairs: Community health fairs feature a bounty of free information, including brochures, pamphlets, magazines, and other published materials. While there may be an admission fee to the fair, there are usually many giveaways inside.
  • Regional Publications: Many hospitals and health clinics publish their own free magazines with locally-oriented health information. Call and ask about being added to their mailing list.
  • Publishers: Individuals who call magazine and book publishers and express interest in health-related titles may be able to get free copies to preview, particularly if they explain why they are interested.

Online Resources

If the local health community does not have the types of free health books and magazines you are interested in, searching online can often reveal many easily accessible resources, including free searchable directories of published books and journals. Websites offering health-related searches include:

  • The Free Library: Indexed database of more than three million books, journals, and magazine articles that can be viewed for free.
  • Health Reformer: Free samples of health-related magazines.
  • Health Library: Online reading room with full textbooks and magazine articles.
  • All Free Magazines: Free magazine subscription offers.

Magazine Websites

Visiting a magazine's official website can yield a great deal of information, including online versions of the publication that include different information than can be found in print. While the entire magazine is not usually printed online, the supplemental information can be valuable, and visitors can frequently find great subscription offers as well.Popular health titles include:

Other Discount Deals

Even if you can't find free books and magazines, there are several other ways you can save money on these important titles.

  • Visit outlet book stores for older but still valuable titles at big discounts.
  • Trade subscriptions with a friend or neighbor so you both get two magazines for the price of one.
  • Buy used medical and health textbooks at a local college or university.
  • Join a promotional book club that offers members' only discounts for multiple purchases.
  • Try free trial offers for magazine subscriptions to see if the publication is right for you.

Finding free health books and magazines can be a challenge, but the effort will be well worth it to learn about the latest health risks and medical advances that can lead you to saving money for many more years of a healthy lifestyle.

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Free Health Books and Magazines