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Struggling musicians can stretch their dollar and learn their craft with free online magazines.

Free guitar magazines online are great resources for musicians. Whether you're an experienced player or just beginning, you can find tips, interviews, the latest product reviews, and much more with just the click of a mouse.

What Free Online Magazines for Guitar Players Offer

If you're looking for an online guitar magazine, chances are that you are already a guitar player, or at least an aspiring one. The information and resources these magazines offer vary, but following are a list of the types of articles and features you'll find with guitar magazines on the Internet.

  • Artist Features: You'll find interviews and feature stories about great guitar players, from famous names to up-and-coming musicians.
  • Cover Stories and Music Columns: Read stories and columns with specific focuses, such as recording information, music news, CD and DVD hot lists, workshop announcements, and articles pertaining to different guitar styles.
  • Product Reviews/ Spotlights: Interested in hearing the good and bad about the latest guitar models and gear? Many e-zines and sites offer products reviews or briefs on new models, advancements, and product lines.
  • Guitar Lessons: Learn the techniques of great players with in-depth instructions and online lessons. Some sites ay have video to accompany the articles to make learning new methods easier and more interactive.
  • Guitar Forums: Share music, ask questions, post tabs, get positive vibes to prepare for auditions, or just have a good discussion with other guitar lovers. Some magazines' forums may allow off-topic posts, but read the forum rules prior to posting to be sure.
  • Promotions, Giveaways, and Ads: Advertisements clue you in to some of the newest guitar models a manufacturer is offering, and online magazines may also post promotional deals, songwriting or other contests or giveaways of guitar and music-related products.

Classified Ads: Some guitar magazines allow classified ad posting, either on their forums or a separate area of the site.

Online guitar magazines come in different forms: larger sites may address many different guitar styles and have lists or a search feature to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Other sites may have a specific focus, such as articles and information for the beginning guitar player, acoustic guitars, or particular music and playing styles.

Free Guitar Magazines Online List

Below is a brief listing of free guitar magazines online. Some are Web editions of print magazines with subscription-only features. However, there is a still an abundance of free information available even for non-subscribers on these sites.

  • Guitar This is the online version of the print magazine Guitar Player, and contains a vast amount of information in different areas for every guitar player. Also links to the partner site to view even more great resources, including a number of resources for electric guitar artists.
  • Vintage Guitar Magazine: This is also the online version of the print magazine, and while you don't get the cover stories, you can access the artist pages, read and post on the reader pages, find announcements about events, and search archived gear reviews, brand articles, and more.
  • Premier Guitar Magazine: Check out their gear search, the latest guitar news, and get online lessons. Read features and cover stories, too. You can view the entire issue of this magazine online for free.
  • Guitar Nine Records Webzine: This online magazine offers a variety of columnists discussing techniques, songwriting, and other guitar topics, as well as interviews and featured artists. Also contains a home studio registry and easy-to-use product search tool.
  • Harmony Central: A free community for musicians, it has a section specifically dedicated to guitar news, tabulation charts, and discussion.
  • Guitarra Magazine: A free guitar magazine online with a focus on classical guitar. Read about guitar history, musicians, guitar and product news, event listings, and more.

An online magazine is a definitely a money saver, and with these and the many other free resources available online for guitar players, there's plenty to peruse without paying a cent!

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Free Guitar Magazines Online