Free Coupons for Olive Garden

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If you're in the mood for Italian food, look for free coupons for Olive Garden to keep a little money in your pocket. You'll find a number of Olive Garden restaurants advertise special offers, such as coupons for $5 off your meal.

Where to Find Free Coupons for Olive Garden

The best resource for Olive Garden discounted-rate coupons can be found in your newspaper. Olive Garden runs these types of promotions several times a year. Unfortunately, the company doesn't offer coupons any other way, and the Olive Garden website does not directly offer printable online coupons.

However, if you're looking for coupons online, there are a number of sites that carry Olive Garden coupons from time to time, but what you'll find will depend on current promotion campaigns.

In-Store Specials and Other Ways to Save

Coupons for Olive Garden are just one way to save when visiting your local Olive Garden Restaurant. When you arrive, check for in-store specials like the "Never-Ending Pasta Bowl", or free soup and salad.

Another way to save is really the luck of the draw. If you are fortunate enough to receive a Guest Satisfaction Survey, which is printed on about every 40th guest check, it entitles you to a free coupon for Olive Garden that can be used at any restaurant, so be sure to look at your check closely. The offer must be redeemed within 90 days of your initial visit.

Call ahead and talk with the manager at your nearby Olive Garden and ask what kind of deals are available. Some advertising even promotes new entrees to allow customers to try them at a discounted rate.

If you plan to visit Olive Garden regularly, sign-up for their free newsletter, which offers:

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Free Coupons for Olive Garden