Free Adult Diaper Samples

Incontinence diaper for adults

If you or a loved one are suffering from incontinence, you may be wondering if adult diapers can help. Fortunately, a few companies that make or sell adult diapers provide free samples for adults who experience this condition. Try one or more of these offers to find out what brand and style works best for your particular situation.

Discreetly Dignified

Discreetly Dignified is an online retailer that carries a variety of incontinence products from different manufacturers, including Attends, Prevail, and TENA. They provide an easy way to request free samples of up to four products of your choice via the free sample contact form on their website. In order to submit your request, you will just need to enter your name and mailing address, as well as specify the items you would like to try.

Samples are shipped directly from the manufacturer(s). There are no shipping charges though there is a caution on the site that it may take a while to get your order fulfilled due to high demand.

Unique Wellness

Unique Wellness offers three styles of adult diapers, and free samples are available in each option. They offer pull-up "wellness underwear" as well as two styles (original and Superio) that tape on the side. The Superio style is their top-of-the-line option and is designed to be worn by people who are quite active.

Simply visit their free sample page and select the style(s) you would like to try. Then, choose your size. While the samples are free, you will need to pay for shipping and handling, which will be calculated after you enter your address and payment information in the shopping cart. The total will be shown when you check out. You may sometimes be able to find a coupon code for free shipping.


TENA carries a full selection of bladder leakage and incontinence products, including a pull-up style and one that is fastened by tabs on the front. They offer a free trial. Rather than directly selecting the style you want to try, the company will make recommendations based on information you provide via their website.

To get started, visit the free trial page and specify whether you are interested in their products for yourself or someone else, and whether the wearer is male or female. Once you enter that information, you will be able to select from sample kits recommended based on the details you entered. From there, you will need to open an account, which involves your choice of logging in with Facebook or entering contact details and setting up a password.

There are no shipping charges, but there is a limit of one sample per person per year, with a lifetime maximum of four.

AgeComfort (Canada Only)

AgeComfort is a Canada-based company that offers free samples of adult diapers for in-country shipping only. They carry multiple brands, and you are able to select the specific items you want to try via the web page for their free sample program. You will need to specify how you want to view available samples (such as "by brand" or "by type"). From there, you will be able to add items available as samples to your cart.

Please note that there is a limit of five samples per order. Shipping and handling fees apply; they are calculated based on your province and postal code. If you are purchasing other products from them at the time you order your samples, you may not have to pay shipping. Free shipping is offered on orders over $50.

Ask Your Medical Provider

While the above offers can be a good way to get free samples, it is also advisable to bring up your interest in free samples of adult diapers when discussing your incontinence-related healthcare concerns with your family doctor. He or she may have samples in-stock, be able to provide you with coupons, or direct you to other free trial offers that are not widely publicized.

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Free Adult Diaper Samples