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Dressbarn coupons allow you to save even more money on top of the great prices already offered there. True budget fashionistas can get terrific deals on stylish clothing with the help of coupons!

About Dressbarn

Dressbarn first opened its doors in 1962. The store intended to cater to fashion-forward women who wanted to look great at work or on the town without having to spend a fortune on their clothes. With these humble beginnings, the company has grown to include over 800 stores across the U.S. Dressbarn has its own self-titled line of clothing as well as a plus-sized label, Dressbarn Woman.

Dressbarn was founded by Roslyn Jaffe, who, together with her husband Elliot, is still very involved in the business. Dressbarn prides itself on offering fashionable clothes for women at very reasonable prices, and offering a warm and supportive environment in which to shop. You can find everything from a great prom dress to slick business wear.

Where to Find Dressbarn Coupons

Dressbarn coupons must be printed out from your computer and taken to the store for the discount, since they don't have an online store. Many coupon sites regularly list available Dressbarn coupons, including:

Another option is to sign up for the e-mail mailing list through the Dressbarn website. You'll be alerted to upcoming sales, and occasionally they mail out links where you can go and print out a coupon for your next purchase.

Dressbarn Coupons to Buy or Trade

Some folks offer Dressbarn coupons for sale on auction sites like eBay. If you plan to get your coupons this way, make sure you read the item description carefully, noting the expiry date and any other restrictions that may apply.

Another way to get Dressbarn coupons is to join a coupon or shopping based mailing list, through a site like Yahoo Groups, and offer to trade other coupons. Often you'll find people willing to swap coupons they don't plan to use for a similar or equal valued coupon for another retailer or product.

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Dressbarn Coupons