Discount PUR Filters

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Filtered water is becoming increasingly popular.

An easy way to save money while improving the quality of your drinking water is to use discount PUR filters.

About PUR Filters

PUR water filtration systems are devices you can buy to filter impurities from your drinking water. PUR manufactures a variety of water filtration products, including faucet mounts, pitchers, refrigerator dispensers, and sink side taps.

Although PUR water filters may seem rather expensive for the family on a tight budget, investing in a water filtration system for your home is often a very practical choice. On average, the price of using PUR water filters is 1/10th the cost of purchasing bottled drinking water for your family. Visit the PUR website to use a handy calculator to figure your personal annual savings.

If you feel your drinking water tastes strange, investing in a PUR water filter may also inspire you to increase your daily water consumption. In fact, PUR offers a flavor options filter that lets you add a small burst of fruit flavor to your water. Since increased water consumption offers many health benefits, your PUR filter may pay off in reduced medical expenses.

Buying Discount PUR Filters

Once you've purchased a PUR water filtration system, you'll need to buy refills on a regular basis to ensure that you have a steady supply of filtered water. Fortunately, there are a number of places you can purchase discount PUR filters. For example:

  • PUR water filters are available at Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart. These discount retailers often have very affordable prices even when there are no special sales or promotions.
  • Sam's Club and Costco, best known for offering great deals on bulk merchandise, are also great places to stock up on PUR water filters.
  • If you frequently shop at Home Depot or Lowes, look for water filter refills during your next trip. At Home Depot, pay with your rewards card to earn extra points for your purchase.

Checking your local newspaper for store fliers is generally the best way to learn when PUR water filters are being offered at sale prices. If you don't want to subscribe to the newspaper, ask a friend to save the fliers for you.

On the PUR website, you can sign up to receive coupons and other promotions for up to $7 off your PUR water filters. The site also advertises periodic special promotions, such as a contest in which customers can register to win $100.

Shopping for PUR Filters Online

Since each PUR water filtration product requires a different type of filter, you may find it hard to purchase the correct refills locally. Fortunately, a number of online retailers offer PUR water filters.

  • offers a variety of PUR water filter products, many of which are available at a substantial discount.
  • has refills available for many of the most popular PUR water filtration products.
  • bills itself as the ultimate source for PUR water filtration products.
  • sells a complete line of water treatment products, including both PUR and Brita water filters.

Price Grabber is also a handy resource for anyone committed to online comparison shopping. Simply type in the name of the filter you need in order to quickly compare prices available from a number of popular online retailers.

As always, don't forget to calculate the cost of shipping into your purchasing decision. Even if a company appears to offer discount PUR filters, excessive shipping fees may cut into your savings.


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Discount PUR Filters