Where to Find Dave Ramsey's Advice

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According to Ramsey, relationships are critical to financial success.

Dave Ramsey is a well-known financial guru with a down-to-earth personality that appeals to many indebted consumers, and researching Dave Ramsey free advice tips can help any consumer control their personal budget effectively.

About Dave Ramsey

Before he was 30, Dave Ramsey had it all and lost it all. With extensive training in finances and real estate, this Tennessee native made millions of dollars by taking chances on short term real estate deals based on foreclosures, but that debt-fueled success was not to last. When banks began to tighten their standards and demand repayment in the mid-1980s, Ramsey was forced to declare bankruptcy, but he never let that defeat stop him from achieving financial success.

After working his way back to financial solvency and beyond, Ramsey began counseling local consumers and friends with simple tips that could - and did - change their financial outlook. Gradually, he became a self-styled financial expert with the personable expertise of having "been there, done that." His own experiences appealed to consumers who saw Ramsey as a regular guy rather than an academic personality, and his easy to follow lessons incorporating the importance of relationships and spirituality with regards to money have become popular financial tips.

Today, Dave Ramsey runs financial workshops, sells highly successful financial advice books, hosts a self-syndicated radio show reaching 300 million listeners, and offers everyday consumers many other ways to access his tips and advice to answer their financial questions. He has also been featured in multiple magazines, on television shows, and in many other ways as he spreads his message of financial responsibility to millions.

Finding Dave Ramsey Free Advice Tips

What makes Dave Ramsey so popular is that his tips and advice appeal to individuals with all levels of financial know-how, from consumers burdened with credit card debt to executives struggling with a retirement portfolio. With that wide appeal, many individuals look for free ways to access Ramsey's advice, and there are many ways to do so, including:

  • Books: Ramsey has written numerous financial advice books with topics ranging from restoring financial health to building wealth to making over a personal budget. Many of these titles are available from local libraries, where interested consumers can dive into Ramsey's advice without spending a dime.
  • The Dave Ramsey Show: Ramsey's three hour, syndicated talk radio show offers financial advice on a wide range of topics, including problems expressed by call-in listeners. The show is also available via satellite radio.
  • Dave Says Column: In this weekly column, Ramsey tackles readers' questions with simple advice and easy to follow tips. If your local newspaper does not carry the column, several months' worth of archives are available online at DaveSays.org.
  • Stupid Tax Stories: This section of Ramsey's official website, DaveRamsey.com, features dozens of stories submitted by fans who tell their tales of encounters with the "stupid tax" - financial penalties individuals pay for not being smart enough to avoid them. Topics vary widely, from the high cost of manicures or unpaid parking tickets to dealing with car leases and poor credit card behavior. While these are not exactly tips provided by Ramsey himself, the lessons in these stories will resonate with readers who find themselves in similar situations.
  • Success Stories: Also on the official website, these stories are from real consumers who have overcome financial burdens to find their way back into the black. Each story includes tips on how they managed such successes, giving readers inspiration to resolve their own financial woes.

With his "beat debt, build wealth" philosophy and the belief that financial matters are intimately connected to every individual's personal life and spirituality, Dave Ramsey has become one of today's most popular financial experts, and discovering ways to access Dave Ramsey free advice tips is sure to help any troubled consumer find a way to manage their debt.

Additional Opportunities to Learn from Dave Ramsey

In addition to the free resources in his books and on his websites, Dave Ramsey also offers a range of detailed financial advice opportunities for consumers to try. Live seminars and workshops, home study programs, fan forums, and other resources are available covering a range of topics such as:

  • Money makeovers
  • Investing tactics
  • Savings tips
  • Teaching kids about money
  • Using real estate as an investment
  • Budgeting for a military lifestyle

To learn more about these and other opportunities or to take advantage of Dave Ramsey free advice tips, visit DaveRamsey.com, DaveSays.com, and MyTotalMoneyMakeover.com.


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