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Saving money and finding unique items without leaving your home is the benefit of online thrift stores. Unlike traditional retailers, thrift stores specialize in the one-of-a-kind. You never know when a super cool hidden gem will show up.

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How cool the store is really depends on your definition of "cool" when it comes to bargain shopping. Some may think the coolness lies in the fact that a store benefits a charity, while others rate it upon how exclusive the merchandise is. Others may base their opinion on the low price tags. Regardless of your definition of cool, you are sure to find some great deals at these online thrift stores:

ShopGoodwill is an online auction site for used items. Similar to other auction sites, you bid on items like watches, clothing and collectibles. All of the money raised goes to benefit the missions of Goodwill Industries. There is also a "buy it now" option for certain items.

Larger items, such as Jet Skis or furniture, must be picked up at the Goodwill where they were donated, but smaller items can be shipped.

The items sold have been donated to Goodwill thrift stores. Instead of being placed on a shelf in a store, they are put up for auction. Cool items that have been listed for sale on the auction site include:

  • Vintage stamps
  • Designer watches
  • Antique instruments
  • Typewriters
  • Magnifying eyeglasses

Search the site by category and see what cool things come up. Items are updated regularly.

Gone Tomorrow

Playing on the theme of "once in a blue moon," Gone Tomorrow is an online thrift and consignment shop, meaning you can buy items directly from the store or from individual sellers wishing to make a small profit on their used goods. A layaway plan is available, which gives you up to five months to pay off your purchases. You can also request a lower price if you think the store is asking too much for a particular item. You may or may not be successful in that request.

Some cool sections of the site include a listing devoted to vintage McDonald's Happy Meal toys and an Odds and Ends section where you can find items like a princess hat for your dog. Also check out the Sale and One Dollar Items listings. You never know what you might find.

Items are direct purchase, not auctions. The standard shipping rate for all items is $4.95.


AtOncer is a place for all kinds of weird and wacky merchandise, such as antique clocks shaped like unicorns and Citizen Kane movie posters. You can buy used items from sellers all over the world. There are both bidding and buy now options. An option to barter/swap is also available. There is no charge for you to put items up for sale.

Local Thrift Stores

If you feel like getting off the computer and out into your community, you can also visit plenty of thrift stores in person. has a listing of cool stores in several areas of the country, as well as descriptions to confirm their coolness.

A Smart and Cool Idea

By shopping online thrift stores for cool and interesting merchandise, you save money while giving back to a cause you care about, whether it's helping a charity or simply saving items from heading to the landfill. Save your money and find some great deals at online thrift shops without having to leave the comfort of your home.

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Cool Online Thrift Stores