Cheapskate Jokes

Laughing cheapskate showing off her money
With your cash in hand, it is okay to laugh at cheapskate jokes!

Finding yourself the frequent butt of cheapskate jokes may indicate you have taken frugal living to the extreme.

All in Good Humor

People who are very frugal, especially when their friends and family are big spenders, may find they occasionally get ribbed for the ways they save money. This light-hearted teasing is usually done with good intentions, when people are laughing with you-not at you.

You can even make fun of yourself to beat everyone else to the punch. Not only will this help you save face if it is a potentially embarrassing act of frugality, but show that you are being a good sport about the cheapskate jokes. Forwarded jokes regarding money, spending, savings and cheapness may also be sent to you by well-meaning contacts that know you enjoy and take pride in your lifestyle choices.

The ability to laugh at oneself is a fun way to relieve stress. Even if your current cheapness is out of necessity rather than a choice, it still helps to have a little fun at your own "expense." After all, that is free entertainment!

Funny Cheapskate Jokes

Cheapskate jokes are amusing because their punch lines often remind us of ourselves or someone we know. The beginning and ending of many jokes will identify them. A common line to start jokes is "You know you're a cheapskate when . . ."

A joke will usually focus on one of two area, lifestyle and savings. You can cheapskate humor online, often under the heading for money, banking or finance. Check out these sites for some amusing anecdotes:

Cheap Living Jokes

The way we live reflects our personal philosophies, a topic often tackled by comedians. Jokes made by friends and family will often occur at the spur of the moment when something triggers them to think of your lifestyle. Birthday parties might trigger a joke about how you save wrapping papers; a cold snap might cause someone to ask if your living room has been thawed out yet.

Spending and Saving Jokes

Spending and saving money is usually no one else's business. However, when you using extreme ways to save money, others might take note and poke a little fun at you. When inviting you out to dinner and you ask which restaurant, the jokester might reply, "Don't worry, they offer complimentary bread and water!"

You might also receive funny gag gifts during the holidays or at your birthday, like piggy banks, change rolling machines or even a metal detector. The giver might even point out that s/he wrapped it in used grocery sacks.

Truth in Tall Tales

There may come a point where your family and friends' tales of your cheapness starts to hit a little close to home. If you find yourself offended more often than not, you should step back and ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Has something changed in the manner in which my friends joke around?
  2. Have I become too sensitive because I realize that something may be amiss about how I manage my money?

Friends and relatives might not realize they are hurting your feelings unless you speak up about it. Let them know in a private conversation that things have gone too far.

If, however, the jokes are starting to offend you for another reason, it may be time to look at what the definition of a cheapskate really is. Giving out free samples as holiday gifts would fall under being a cheapskate; your friends who realize they have received such thoughtful presents might make a joke about it to subtly let you know they were offended.

Revisit your bargain shopping strategies and give yourself the opportunity to splurge a bit within your means. Living debt free and frugally does not mean you have to do it at the expense of your family's or your personal happiness.

Mastering frugality is a good way to keep yourself afloat, especially when the economy looks like it is headed towards a recession. Take the cheapskate jokes with a smile and continue your money saving strategies. In fact, keep laughing until you reach the bank!

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