Cheapest Flowers on the Web

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Save by ordering flowers online.

Finding the cheapest flowers on the web is easy if you know that types of blooms offer the greatest value, as well as how to choose a retailer that can deliver fresh beauty at affordable prices.

The Cheapest Flowers: Free!

The cheapest flowers of all are free virtual flowers and floral e-cards. While these are not a suitable substitution for a real gift, they can be a fine way to send "flowers" to someone special to keep in touch, offer congratulations, remind them of your romance, wish them luck, or to acknowledge any number of other occasions.

Many virtual card suppliers offer several customization options, including choosing from different blooms and bouquets, personalizing the greeting and message, and scheduling the date of the virtual delivery (an e-mail sent to the recipient with instructions on how to view the flowers). More advanced options may include changing fonts or font colors, adding music, or selecting from animated cards.

Virtual flower cards can be found on many websites, including:

Another bonus to sending free virtual flowers is that if the supplier of the free card also carries real fresh flower bouquets, they often offer card users discounts to follow up their free message with a cheap flower gift.

Finding the Cheapest Flowers on the Web

Even if there is no virtual card involved, there are many ways to find discounted online flowers and bouquets. Prices can start as low as $15 for a simple arrangement but could cost more than $150 for a large, elaborate bouquet. Regardless of the price, consumers should investigate the value of the flowers. A discounted rate is less valuable if the flowers are small, wilted, or in generally poor condition. Many retailers offer freshness guarantees, though the blooms covered under such a disclaimer vary in selection.

There are several ways to choose cheap flowers without sacrificing style or quality. Savvy shoppers will:

  • Choose in-season blooms for lower rates than more exotic flora grown out of season.
  • Opt for mixed flower or mixed color bouquets instead of matching colors that can be more costly.
  • Choose smaller bouquets for a better price with just as much sentiment.
  • Avoid holiday delivery when there may be surcharges; delivery may be cheaper a day or two before the holiday, and with a freshness guarantee, the blooms will be just as lovely.
  • Decline vase upgrades and extra items such as specialty vases, toys, decorative ribbons, and small gifts that make the flowers more expensive.
  • Comparison shop to find the best prices for similar blooms and bouquets, including shipping charges.
Glass vase filled with red and yellow tulips
Tulips are cheapest in spring.
  • Avoid specialized "Get Well" or "Romance" bouquets that may be more expensive than similar flowers in non-specialized arrangements.
  • Choose online retailers who work through local florists to lower shipping charges.


There are many popular florists available online, and with careful shopping and wise choices, consumers often find the cheapest flowers on the Web by investigating florists' websites or calling the associated customer service numbers.

Flower Coupons

After choosing a florist and investigating the best value flowers available, there are still more ways to save money when buying flowers online. Coupon codes, special promotions, and discount offers can be found frequently for different online florists. Many florists offer regular newsletters to registered users that may include special incentives such as discounted or free shipping, discounts on larger orders, or holiday specials. A number of coupon websites also list coupon codes and special deals for online florists. Check out these coupon sites for more information on current floral savings offers:

Beautiful Flowers Without Breaking the Bank

From free virtual flowers to hefty savings on luscious bouquets from online florists, there are many ways to find the cheapest flowers on the web. With careful shopping and selection, it is easy to send a beautiful bouquet to someone special without destroying a personal budget.

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Cheapest Flowers on the Web