Cheap Homemade Gift Ideas

Easy Cheap Homemade Gift Ideas

Are you looking for cheap homemade gift ideas? For your convenience, LoveToKnow Save has prepared this slideshow featuring some of the best ideas for budget-friendly gifts you can make yourself.

From the Heart

Regardless of what cheap homemade gift ideas you select, make sure your gift is from the heart. A gift doesn't have to have a high price tag if it makes your feelings clear.

Sweet Treats

Everyone loves to eat! Surprise your gift recipient with a plate of cookies, brownies, or your famous chocolate cake. Or, if you're feeling even more creative, make a series of freezer-friendly meals that the recipient can simply pop into the oven on the nights she or he doesn't feel like cooking.

The Gift of Your Time

For elderly relatives or people who simply don't have enough time to get all their daily chores done, consider making a homemade coupon book good for services such as house cleaning, a free car wash, or grocery shopping. This is a budget-friendly gift that's guaranteed to earn rave reviews!

Personalized Scrapbooks

Personalized scrapbooks are great cheap homemade gift ideas. If you're on a really tight budget, search for Web sites offering free digital scrapbooking downloads that you can either use to make scrapbook pages on your computer or print onto cardstock to take the place of traditional scrapbook supplies.

Cozy Blankets

No-sew fleece blankets are fun to make and can be personalized to suit the interests of almost any gift recipient. Look for sales on colorful patterned fleece at your favorite craft store.

Free Printable Gifts

Web sites offering free printable craft projects often have a number of downloads that make great gift ideas. You could print off coloring pages to make an activity book for a child, assemble a journal jar for a teen who enjoys writing, or make a personalized calendar for a busy mother who is struggling to manage her hectic schedule.

Homemade Play Dough

Homemade play dough makes a great gift for a child. Pick up some cookie cutters and molds at a dollar store, then package the entire gift in a nicely decorated shoe box. For more children's gift ideas, please review the LoveToKnow Save slideshow Frugal Presents for Kids.

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Cheap Homemade Gift Ideas