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Inserting Lens

Both men and women are turning to cheap color contacts to add a boost to their appearance. Thanks in part to innovative new products available in colored lenses and their popularity with celebrities and models, colored contacts are a fun way to change your look.

Get a Check-Up

To get the best deal on colored contacts, you first have to get a verifiable prescription from your optometrist. By law in the U.S., you must have a prescription to order color contacts, even if for cosmetic reasons only, and not for vision correction.

The reason for this caution is well founded. As recently as 2011, unscrupulous vendors were selling non-corrective color contact lenses in flea markets, gas stations, and novelty shops. Consumers experienced discomfort and in some cases serious medical complications from these lenses that were neither prescribed nor fitted properly.

Based on a law established in the U.S. in 2005, sellers of colored and regular contact lenses must verify the prescription with your eye doctor before filling it. What this means to you is that you can still shop around for the best deal in colored contacts and still be assured that the prescription will fit your eyes perfectly.

Ordering Cheap Color Contacts Online

There are literally hundreds of merchants online selling cheap color contacts, and competition is fierce. You can very easily find great deals on brand name lenses and have them shipped right to your door.

Before you decide which online retailer to use, review their customer service policies.

  • Is toll-free telephone and e-mail support available?
  • What is the return policy?
  • Are your lenses in stock?
  • Is the website secure for credit card purchases, or are there other ordering options?

Three of the top online contact lens merchants are:

  • Coastal At Coastal Contacts, you'll find deals on a wide selection of color contacts like Sparkles Gold, Allure, FreshLook, Acuvue 2, Expressions, Focus, Splash of Color, and more. You can also order special effects contacts from this store.
  • 1-800-Contacts: Find color contacts from brands like FreshLook, Acuvue 2, Focus, and Expressions.
  • Get your novelty color or disposable color contacts from this site. Brands offered include Focus, FreshLook, NewVues, Expressions, and Acuvue 2.

You can also compare cheap color contacts from various merchants on online shopping sites such as:

Before You Order

When you order contacts online, consider a number of things.

  1. Find out if there are any rebates or discount coupons available.
  2. Factor in shipping costs. Some companies offer free shipping for orders above a certain value.
  3. See what type of payment is accepted. Coastal Contacts, for example, is the only online retailer with a "buy now, pay later" system. You don't have to give your credit card information. When your lenses are delivered, an invoice is included. Just pay the invoice online or by check or mail-order when you receive your order.

And remember, before placing the order, make sure to have your prescription ready for verification.

Safely Have Fun With Color

You can still have fun with color contacts without emptying your wallet or putting the health of your eyes at risk. Be sure to shop at reputable locations and websites, and always have a current prescription on hand. You'll be able to change your look as you wish without worrying about damaging your eyes.

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