Cheap Checks With Free Shipping

Save money on checks with free shipping.

Getting cheap checks with free shipping may sound like an impossible task. While it may take a little work and some patience, it is possible to score a great deal on your next set of checks.

Free Shipping on Checks

Few people opt to purchase their checks directly from their financial institutions anymore. With the number of companies offering cheap checks, you can usually find a better deal on single and duplicate boxes. Additionally, the companies may throw in some extras, like checkbook covers, extra registers or address labels at a reduced cost.

However, many companies make up for low check charges with astronomical shipping costs. To combat this, look for cheap checks with free shipping to make the most of your money.

Costco Checks

Members of the warehouse club Costco can use Costco Check Printing for their checks. Standard bulk delivery is free for all members. Executive members save an additional 20 percent off the price, making it an even better deal than originally shown. Prices start at below $11 for two boxes of single checks.

Checks in the Mail, Inc.

Look through the many designs at Checks in the Mail, Inc. and choose your favorite. When you get to the checkout, select the "Non-Trackable Mail" shipping option, which is free. For additional savings, sign up on the homepage for special offers. Also, look for banners that offer additional savings as you navigate throughout the website.

The Styles Check Company

Order checks from The Styles Check Company for great selection and prices. New customers can take advantage of their Introductory Offers, which are listed right on the website. All customers can take advantage of the Shipping Options for Checks, which includes free USPS Bulk-Slow/Untrackable Shipping. Note that a handling rate of $2.95 is applied per box.

Cheap Checks With Free Shipping Codes

While a few sites do offer free standard shipping on their checks, most require you to enter a free shipping coupon code. To start this process, follow these instructions:

  1. Find a reputable cheap check company.
  2. Use a deal-tracking search engine to find you coupon codes for free shipping.
  3. Alternatively, sign up for offers or a newsletter from the website in order to get coupon codes.
  4. Wait until the company is offering a great deal, no code required, on the checks of your choice.
  5. Combine the deal with your free shipping code.

This method may not always work. After all, most coupon codes have an expiration date. To combat this, either track two or three check printing companies at the same time or simply find the cheapest checks possible and use the free shipping coupon code immediately.

To find coupon codes, you can do one of two things. Typing the check company's name into a general search engine with the words "free shipping code" is one way. The other way is using a coupon website to search for shipping codes, like:

Look for coupons for companies like Checks Unlimited, and Current Checks.

Check Buyer Beware

Ordering checks over the Internet can be intimidating. After all, you are not only putting in your credit or debit card information to pay for the checks, but also including your banking account routing numbers. However, you can do a few things to stay safe and secure:

  • Keep your virus and firewall information up-to-date.
  • Check out the company with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Make sure the site has "https" instead of just plain "http" when you enter secure information.
  • Look for a padlock sign to appear in your address bar.
  • Search for a "VeriSign Secured" or "McAfee Secure" logo.
  • Call the company's 800 number to see if you get a live person on the phone.
  • Ask your banking institution clerks if they know reputable check ordering companies.

A little extra Internet searching can result in the ability to purchase discount checks with free shipping. Remember to check that the website is secure and that you are getting the best deal possible before you purchase.

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