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Create Your Own Free Talking E-cards

Create Your Own Free Talking E-cards

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Tap into the treasure chest of freebies and product samples to help manage your budget. Whether you're a parent looking for freebies for your children, a traveler looking for sample sized toiletries, or just looking for a fun way to try new products, you'll find some free products to test out. Keep in mind that some of these deals expire quickly, so if you see something that interests you, grab it quickly!

Great Places to Find Freebies and Samples

Learning to stretch a limited income with genius hacks includes knowing exactly where to find freebies and samples so you don't waste a second of your time.

Free Food Options

You might not be able to live completely off of free food with these deals, but you'll certainly save big on your next grocery bill. Satisfy all your cravings with free candy samples or tips to score free coffee samples. You can even find coupons for your favorite restaurants like Olive Garden coupons so you can enjoy dining out while you save money.

Free Stuff in Different Cities

If you're headed on a vacation or even a business trip, knowing where to find freebies in different U.S. cities can help you cut down on trip costs. Visit one of the many public beaches for free in Fort Myers, Florida or check out MLB spring training. Hit up Atlantic City for a free cultural tour that includes the Atlantic City Art Center and Atlantic City Historical Museum. Don't spend all your cash in Las Vegas, instead opt for free sightseeing stops like the Eiffel Tower or the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory.

Free Stuff for Kids

While kids can't usually sign up to get the freebies, a parent or guardian can find lots of free items for kids. From activity books to mail from popular characters, kids can get free stuff by mail if you know where to look. You can also keep your kids occupied at home or on the go with free children's magazines such as Lego Life magazine. Don't forget to look for freebies for specific occasions like free school supply samples in August or free toys for Christmas in December.

Try Before You Buy

Finding free products or samples of products gives you the opportunity to test out new brands before spending your hard-earned cash to buy them. These small sized products are also perfect for stocking guest quarters, stashing away in your camping supplies, keeping in your car for emergencies, or saving a little cash on something you'd consider a want more than a need.

Freebies and Product Samples