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Article Highlight: 5 Ways to Save Money on Ink for Printers

Printer ink can be a significant cost for both business and home computer users. The average cost of printer ink ranges from about $120 to $840 per year. While printing is often a necessity, there are things… Keep reading »

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Image of Judith Levine, money expert and author
Judith Levine went one year without shopping.

Although no two people have the exact same household budget, it's often helpful to discuss your financial concerns with an expert. At LoveToKnow Save, we regularly feature interviews with various money management experts to help you get the knowledge you need to make smart financial choices.

Expert Advice on Saving Money

Money management is more than clipping a few coupons, although as The Coupon Mom will tell you, there's a strategy to that, too.

LoveToKnow talks to financial experts on all levels to help provide clear direction and helpful advice on all money matters. Read what financial advisor Jesse Brown suggests for ways to save money. Gain a better understanding of your relationship with money with tips from author and financial planner Louis Barajas. Understand the steps for controlling your finances with advice from Cleveland Saves. These and other experts offer valuable insight to help you eliminate debt and build wealth.

Other Ways to Think About Saving

Financial control isn't always about how you spend -- it's what you don't spend that might make a difference. Some of our experts extend a different perspective to help you save in other ways, too. For example, expand your acquisition of free stuff with the information you gain from Freecycle. Or, try not spending at all and see what happens, as Judith Levine describes humorously in her book, Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping. Check our site periodically to see what other viewpoint on money matters we might be featuring.

Saving Money Expert Interviews