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When Does Amazon Have Clearance Sales?

When Does Amazon Have Clearance Sales?

The key to getting a great deal on Amazon is knowing when to shop. Unlike brick and mortar retailers, Amazon rarely advertises its clearance sales. However, you can still hit them if you know how to predict when… Keep reading »

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Coupons Pile With Scissors

"Why pay more?" This is the simple question countless coupon and discount shoppers ask every day. If you are already planning a purchase, whether for cleaning supplies or trip to your favorite theme park, a few mouse clicks can sometimes help you save substantial dollars.

Finding and Using Discount Codes

Discount codes are similar to coupons, but they are basically a series of numbers and letters or a special word that you present when you pay to receive a discount. While you can sometimes double a coupon, you can only use a discount code once and for the amount it specifies. There are many websites that specialize in finding and sharing these discount codes with you.

Finding Promo Codes

Promotional, or promo, codes offer you a onetime discount on an item the company wants to promote. You can typically find these codes online and use them only for online purchases of goods. Promo codes usually give you free shipping or a percentage off a large dollar amount purchase. For example, you can find online promo codes for running shoes like the brand Brooks who often offers free shipping or $10 off a $100 order. World Soccer Shop promo codes sometimes offer BOGO deals or a small percentage off your purchase.

Discount Admission to Area Attractions

Many attractions like amusement parks and museums offer discount admission prices to specific groups of people like veterans, children, or senior citizens. Zoo coupons or discounts often include lower prices for AAA or AARP members or zoos will host free days for families throughout the year. Attractions like the Newport Aquarium offer discounts to some local employees or those who buy tickets from certain retail stores in the area. Check the website for the attraction you want to visit and keep up with their social media pages to see what discounts are available at different times of the year.

Finding and Using Coupons

Coupons are small vouchers you present with a purchase that shows how much of a discount you can get for buying specific items. Sometimes coupons can be doubled at specific retailers, making them worth even more. You can clip coupons from local newspaper ads, virtually clip or print them online, and even get coupons mailed to your house if you know where to look.

Popular Store Coupon Policies

Popular stores offer discounts through everything from grocery coupons to coupons for free items. Discover what coupons you can use on Amazon like ones that essentially get you free shipping on your purchase. Find out if big box stores like Kmart double coupons so you can save even more. You can even learn if stores like Bed Bath & Beyond accept expired coupons so you don't have to worry about expiration dates. Each store has a unique coupon policy, so make sure you know the rules before you start shopping with coupons.

Dining Out Coupons

Grocery coupons are great, but you can also use coupons to save money on dining out. Fast-food restaurants like McDonald's send out their own coupons in newspaper advertisements with deals on meals or new items. You can also find coupons for Olive Garden and other upscale chain restaurants like Outback Steakhouse.

Clothing and Fashion Coupons

Most clothing and fashion coupons come in the form of coupon codes you can use for online purchases. Stores like Victoria's Secret offer coupon codes as do more generalized clothing retailers such as Kohl's. Some clothing stores do still accept printed, traditional coupons. Dressbarn coupons, for example, must be taken to a brick-and-mortar store because they don't have an online store.

How Much Will You Save?

Whether you are an extreme coupon shopper or just want to trim your budget a little, you can find helpful resources and tips for saving money. Over time, you may even save enough money on everyday items to pay for a super vacation!

Coupons and Discounts That Save Money