Blank Coupons

Blank coupons are great for gift-giving all year.

Use blank coupons for frugal gift giving all year long. They are easy to personalize and cost just pennies to produce. A few spare minutes is all you need to print out some blank coupons into a book that can be used in a pinch when you need a low-cost but meaningful gift.

Using Blank Coupons

Having blank coupons on hand is perfect for a situation when you do not have time or the money to give someone a purchased gift. To get the most use out of blank coupons, do the following:

  • Make up several homemade coupon books, comprised of approximately 8-to-10 coupons each.
  • Use neutral colors, like bright blue, browns, reds, oranges and yellows to design the coupons.
  • Leave a blank line underneath the phrase "Redeemable for" or "Good for."
  • Keep the coupons in a safe place, such as a desk drawer.

Pull out the blank coupon books when a close friend or relative's birthday draws near or a gift-giving holiday approaches. Fill in the lines with gestures that are significant to the recipient. In fact, blank coupons are great for thank-you gifts or spurt-of-the-moment, "just because" gifts, since you can fill them out to suit any occasion.

Blank Coupon Ideas

Fill out the blank coupons using a permanent marker in dark blue, green, black or red. Consider each occasion and the recipient's personality before writing down your coupon. For example, a frugal Christmas gift idea for an elderly neighbor would be to shovel her sidewalk, while your best friend who burns brownies may appreciate a basket of freshly baked gingerbread cookies.

Valentine's Day and anniversaries are the perfect time to show your love frugally. Women with kids may appreciate a night on the town with her best friends while her husband watches the children. Many women would appreciate a romantic dinner at the restaurant of her choosing. Men, on the other hand, may find a coupon for complete control of the television for the night or a day without chores as loving gestures. Simply keep in mind what the other person would enjoy.

The truly trustworthy coupon creator may even dare to give someone a blank coupon-allowing him or her to fill it out with his or her heart's desire. However, a few ground rules (such as a monetary or time limit) may need to be discussed before handing the coupon over.

Customize blank coupons for any holiday or recipient. They are practical but personalized, making them perfect for everyone.

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Blank Coupons