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Discount software makes Bible study a breeze.

Every part of life, even religious worship and study, is going high-tech, and Bible discount software can help interested worshippers study the Bible's ancient wisdom with the best of modern technology.

Who Uses Bible Software?

Bible discount software is not just for zealous church members with tight budgets. Many people can use religious-oriented software for a variety of reasons, including studying scripture, sharing passages with an organized group, creating Bible study lessons, or simply satisfying their own religious curiosity in the privacy of their own home. Individuals who use Bible software may include:

  • Pastors, priests, and other clergy members
  • Seminary or theology students
  • Bible study instructors or group leaders
  • Missionaries
  • Religion professors and teachers
  • Homeschooling parents

Even someone who is not a member of a specific faith may want to investigate Bible discount software as a way to learn more about the tenets, history, and principles of the Bible as they pursue their own spiritual development. With the many different types of religious software available, there is a program suited to everyone's spiritual and technological needs.

Bible Software Features

Not all Bible software programs are identical, and before purchasing a particular program, prospective users should investigate the different features and amenities of specific programs to see which ones may best suit their needs. Program features may include:

  • Multiple versions of the Bible
  • Different language translations
  • Commentary sections from prominent religious leaders
  • Illustrations including animations or famous spiritual artwork
  • Maps, both modern and historical
  • Music files of popular hymns and instrumental pieces for meditation
  • Daily inspirational or devotional suggestions
  • Dictionaries of religious terminology
  • Historical timelines for specific churches and faiths
  • Cross references to different Bible sections
  • Bible-inspired games
  • Advanced search capabilities by keyword, phrase, verse, or book
  • Note-taking and annotation capabilities
  • File sharing and send capabilities
  • Customizable interfaces

Basic discount software - often the programs with the least expensive price tags - may have only standard features and few interactive options, but advanced software can also be found at discounted prices with more features for users to enjoy. For the best deal, however, users should focus on choosing a program that has only the bells and whistles they are interested in rather than programs with extravagant amenities that cost more but won't be frequently used.

Where to Find Bible Discount Software

Many stores offer cheap software sections and interested consumers can frequently find one or two basic Bible reference programs in the bargain bins for less than $20. Christian-oriented or religious stores typically have a better selection, including more advanced programs, while many online retailers offer a wide range of Bible software to choose from.

Popular online retailers with discount prices on Bible and religious software include:

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Clergy may use Bible software to prepare sermons or study groups.

Prices range from $15 for basic reference programs to more than $500 for advanced software with multiple features; consumers should comparison shop at several retailers to find the best deal for their computer and their budget.

Some programs are even available for PDAs and other handheld electronic devices, and the most expensive programs of all are their own electronic gadgets with the software already installed and ready to use.

Cautions Before Buying

Before buying the cheapest Bible discount software, consumers should investigate whether or not the program will be compatible with their computer, particularly in terms of operating system, available memory space, and processor speed. Advanced programs need large amounts of free memory and a fast processor to access images, music, maps, and other interactive features, whereas older, less expensive programs may not work well with new operating systems such as Windows Vista.

To be sure they are getting the best deal, consumers should also investigate shipping costs for the software of their choice. A $20 shipping fee plus additional handling charges can make the cheapest software far more expensive than anticipated. Investigating return policies and guarantees is also wise, as well as understanding what technical support may be available if there are problems installing or running the program.


Using Bible discount software is a great way to explore the ancient stories, prayers, and wisdom with the speed and convenience of modern technology. By knowing what features to look for and how to find the best deal, consumers can easily find a software program to strengthen their spirituality without weakening their budget.

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